Together Week Ibiza 2017 – Register For Your Ibiza Holiday

Together Week Ibiza Pool Holidays

No one can deny that Ibiza is one of, if not the greatest party island on Earth. Revellers from every inch of the globe flock to the White Isle each year to party until sunrise, create magic memories, and fall in love with the island over and over again.

With Ibiza being such an epic, bucket list destination, you want to make sure you do it properly right? Imagine having an Ibiza expert handpick your Ibiza experience to make sure it is the tour of a lifetime. An inspirational adventure that you will be speaking about in 10 years time.

ibiza holidays 2017 man jumping into sea

Together Travel understood people’s desire to experience Ibiza, but only in it’s best way, to it’s full potential. So we put together the ultimate Ibiza tour package.

  • 5-7 night’s stay in Ibiza’s hottest party accommodation
  • Events and parties tailor-picked by Ibiza experts to ensure you experience every dimension of ibiza. Including: Amnesia, Ocean Beach Club, Sankeys, Sunset Boat Party
  • The best support team, and tour reps the island has to offer, doubled up with buckets of expertise.

And that’s just the basis of the experience that could be in store for you. Together Week Ibiza, allows free-spirited, like-minded hedonists from many walks of life to come together as one, and share an unforgettable version of Ibiza. A version of Ibiza that simply can’t be achieved without the attributes Together Week combines. Make friends for the day, for the week, for life!

Together Week Ibiza Girls by the pool

It’s no secret that club prices in Ibiza are hefty, but thanks to Together Week’s expert insight, and presence on the island, the package could save you some serious dough.

But more importantly – you get to experience the magic that is Amnesia;  stompin’ until the sun shines through the roof-terrace at dawn. Become cocktail-acquainted at Ocean Beach Club in your gladrags. Feel the House music vibrations in Sankeys’ basement, with one of the island’s most powerful sound systems. And dive, jump, swim, dance, drink and take in the unbeatable Balearic views upon the Sunset Boat Party.

Ibiza is undoubtedly the best party island in the world, and indeed anyone who visits will have a good time. But we don’t strive for a good time, we aim to have the best times of our lives – Together!