Tom Middleton

Tom Middleton

by Jeremy Williams


Classically trained pianist and cellist Tom Middleton has let the music do the talking in his twenty year career. Having remixed everyone from Kylie through to Bebel Gilberto, the man of many pseudonyms (Jedi Knights – his Mark Pritchard collaboration no doubt his best known) feels the the secret to a long-standing career in an ever changing industry is not really all that much of a secret at all. All it takes is “an open mind, a genuine love and appreciation of all genres of music, and the desire to explore new and uncharted territory.”


Though he has been able to tick off many musical icons in his collaborative career, Middleton freely admits that he has yet to complete his wish list. Still to go are his “childhood musical heroes such as U2, The Police, Prince, Human League, OMD, Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny.” Yet, he is far from complaining about the ride he has had to date.  He has even found a way to make the continual touring life work for him. “I try and bolt on extra days either sides of shows, I love traveling, immersing myself in new culture, checking out the local cuisine and at least an hour or two of sight seeing.”


“Tricky, as I feel privileged and grateful to be doing what I’m doing and to have all these amazing opportunities to travel and share my music. So I try to seek everyday highlights in the minor details of life.” While Middleton finds it easy to assess his career longevity, he finds it harder to stop and think about the real high point along the way. The low point is far easier to locate.  “I lost my entire vinyl and CD collection in horrendous flood last November.”


With Playground Weekender bringing him across to Australia, Middleton is already thinking about where he’d like to head next. “There are still places in South America, Africa and Asia that I’ve not played. Beijing appeals to me at the moment.”


Tom Middleton Tour Dates:

Friday 18th Feb – Trinity Bar, Canberra

Saturday 19th Feb – Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Sunday 20th Feb – Playground Weekender, Wisemans Ferry