Top 2016 Travel Destination: Costa Rica

costa rica wildlife

Next May, British Airways will launch the very first direct flights from London Gatwick to San Jose, making Costa Rica an even more attractive destination. With a myriad of natural wonders, a dramatic landscape and the biggest concentration of biodiversity in the world, get ready to explore this Central American country in 2016.

If you’re determined and brave, Costa Rica is a dream to discover all by yourself. The wilderness is blessed with jewels like waterfalls, crater lakes and deserted paradise beaches, while the coast beckons wildlife enthusiasts to snorkel and dive the many coral reefs and go in search of nesting and hatching turtles. Due to such residents, volunteer projects are particularly popular and rewarding, and will help you make new friends that also want to make a difference.

Volunteer in Costa Rica with Frontier

costa rica waterfall

For those that want to experience Costa Rica with the comfort and company of a tour group and guide, there are many to choose from – and no doubt even more options once those direct flights kick off. From intrepid travellers to adventure seekers, you can trek, canoe, snorkel, swim, surf, zip-line, ride horses and cycle in so many different parts of this abundantly beautiful country.

costa rica volcano

But Costa Rica isn’t just about the wild. The capital of San Jose is charming beneath the surface, with historic neighbourhoods and museums, contemporary restaurants and hotels, live music and farmers markets. The local living is also so crazy, you can’t help but fall in love with it. Addictively laidback, it’s ridiculously easy to see wild crocodiles, football is more like a religion than a sport, and you can pick ripened bananas and mangos from the side of the road. Yep, free fruit.

costa rica

Costa Rica might just be the heart of Central America. And in 2016, you should definitely put it on your travel list.