Top 5 Activities on the West Coast of Australia

Top 5 Activities on the West Coast of Australia

There is an abundance of activities on offer thanks to the wild but inviting open road up the west coast of Australia. If you’re going to do anything while travelling along the Indian Ocean, you can’t go wrong with these exceptional pastimes.


The sand dunes along the west coast of Australia are sublime. From the white sand dunes of Lancelin to the golden powder of Kalbarri, this is an alternative to surfing that guarantees all the fun without getting wet. Stretching as much as two kilometres, try your hand at picking up speed and sliding your way down these smooth slips of sand.


Much of the west coast is adorned with colourful coral reefs, shallow lagoons and separate islands that are perfect for snorkelling. Jurien Bay Marine Park is in the path of migrating whales, visiting dolphins and breeding sea lions, so don’t be surprised if you bump into at least one of these marine mammals. Further north, the Ningaloo Reef can rival the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef.


The gorges, cliffs and canyons of Western Australia provide exhilarating abseiling opportunities. The rocky caverns of Karijini and Kalbarri allow you to abseil to the depths of the land and see millions-of-years-old formations up close. If you think you can shimmy your way down a 20-metre wall of red rock, WA is your haven.

Feed Bottlenose Dolphins

One of the few places wild dolphins come up to shore, Monkey Mia provides visitors with the unique experience of getting up close with the beautiful bottlenose and feeding them in the clear blue waters of the shore.

Ride A Camel

Picture it: the sun setting over the turquoise waters and golden sands, while you sit on the back of a camel treading its way along Cable Beach – an iconic tour that’s a truly spectacular way to experience Broome.

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