Top 5 Wildlife Experiences In Australia

swimming with fish in the great barrier reef

With a diverse landscape from the ocean to the outback, there’s an abundance of wildlife experiences in Australia that you can’t miss.

Swimming With The Fish In The Great Barrier Reef

High five a turtle in Australia
Imagine fish in every colour of the rainbow, turtles gliding slowly past your head, and a serene calm under the surface of the ocean’s water. With the opportunity to spot whales, sharks and rays, there are many species of marine life to bump into in the Great Barrier Reef.

Walk Amongst Kangaroos And Sea Lions On Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island adventure tours
Kangaroo Island is named as such because there are hundreds of kangaroos! This breed of kangaroo is unique to the island, and is smaller and sturdier than their most closely related western grey kangaroo. The Kangaroo Island kangaroos are very tame, so don’t be surprised if they choose to come up to you! Meanwhile, Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island is home to loads of Australian sea lions and long-nosed fur seals that lounge on the shore of the island.
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Swim With Whale Sharks

Diving With Sharks In Australia
Only from April to July can you swim with whale sharks in the Ningaloo Reef. The largest fish in the ocean, they may look intimidating, but they’re super gentle creatures, and visit the Western Australian reef to feed on krill.

Watch The Little Penguins On Phillip Island

penguins on phillip island
While penguins may not be synonymous with Australia, Phillip Island is home to a colony of little penguins that are the island’s main attraction. Viewing platforms have even been constructed so you can watch them waddle up the beach during sunset from a distance.

Camels Roaming The Outback

Camel ride australia
After the introduction of motor vehicles, camels were no longer needed in the outback, so they were released into the wild. The best place to see them is in central Australia around Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon. If spotting them in the wild is too much like hard work, Kings Creek Station is a real camel farm with safaris available on the back of a camel.
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