Top Cooking Tips From Australian Chefs On How To Prepare The Perfect Meal

Cooking Tips From Australian Chefs On How To Prepare The Perfect Meal

Many consider cooking a form of art and they have every reason to think so. In the latest masterpiece “ Pig”, starring Nicolas Cage as the main role, a retired kitchen chef prepares the perfect meal, reminding him of his wife. The man is reliving every moment he shared with her with every bite of the delicious meal. Scientists have long proven how taste and aroma are triggers for memories and have long-lasting effects on our subconsciousness. Therefore, you are about to have a meal with a very special person and want to make it memorable. Here are some tips from Australian master chefs on how to make the meal a long-lasting memory.

Make sure to always use fresh ingredients 

Some master chefs are still going to their local markets in search of top-notch fresh ingredients for their perfect meals. The freshness of veggies and fruits always gives the meal a special aroma like no other. Also, make sure you are buying bioproducts, on which pesticides have never been used as this drastically affects the quality and taste. 

Go shopping yourself, go around the market, start up a conversation with the sellers. You’ll know if the products they offer are of great quality or not. And never be cheap when it comes to buying fresh high-quality goods. Whatever has been grown locally without the use of chemicals and machines must come at a price, therefore never let it be a factor influencing you. Treat your body like a temple and think twice before putting something in. 

Sharpen your tools

Every great chef will tell you the same, half of the job is done by their tools. When making and preparing a meal, there is a huge difference when using a high-quality knife for cutting and some low-quality, bad rated tools not properly sharpened. A good knife is like the extension of your arm, thus there are great products available at Knives Academy worth checking out, as they are made from the best materials. A well-balanced knife, made from stainless steel and laser shape will preserve the texture of the meat while cutting. If you are preparing fish, a good knife will ensure an easier and faster separation of bone and meat. 

Another tip is to put some paper beneath the cutting board, as it will not move and therefore you’ll avoid any accident. Use steel or wood as it has better antibacterial properties compared to plastic. Tongs should be something within your reach, as they, like the knife, are an extension of your arm and allow for better handling of really hot stuff straight out of the oven. 

Salt and Pepper 

If you ever come across an old recipe book you’ll see the word “ a pinch of salt” quite often. Do not think people didn’t have a shaker back then, they did but preferred their fingers instead. Lose the shaker and use your fingers as you will have better control of the amount you put in. If the recipe does not require a strict amount, go with a “ pinch” and spread it evenly across the whole meal. 

Spice, in general, should be used as much as possible as they give a special taste and aroma to the meal. Many cultures have incorporated spices in their day-to-day meals and scientists have found a link between the use of spices and low cancer rates in the Middle East. 

Also, make sure to put some salt and pepper while cooking, boiling, or roasting. Or you could simply marinate the meat the night before in a brew of different spices.

Cooking Tips From Australian Chefs On How To Prepare The Perfect Meal

Butter and oil, baking and boiling

When making anything, frying or baking, make sure to keep a one-to-one butter and oil ratio as this will stop the oil and butter from burning away. Also, preheat the oven before baking anything and also check the temperature before frying or boiling anything. Roasting is for better richness and texture and boiling for veggies to preserve their full taste and freshness.

When using frozen meat, never let it melt at room temperature. This common misconception is widespread, so use the microwave. The longer the meat is exposed to room temperature, the bigger the chance of spreading unnecessary bacteria and spoiling. A microwave will do the job twice as fast and also keep the meat fresh and healthy. 


When preparing dessert, have in mind mixing all the ingredients well before putting anything to bake. If not mixed properly, there is a chance of separation. Butter is also an important component of the unit since it holds everything together. Melt the chocolate on steam and do not add milk or any water if you are looking for a better and richer taste and texture. Instead of sugar, you might consider honey or natural sweeteners as they are more healthy and give it a better overall taste. 

These are some tips from master chefs for preparing your dream meal and making the cooking joy memorable and long-lasting.