Top Destination Spots To Make Your Home

Top Destination Spots To Make Your Home

You’ve probably gone on vacation to a place that was so beautiful that you never wanted to leave. If you’ve ever thought about laying roots in one of your favorite destination spots, why not go a bit further with your consideration? 

Take a look at a few of the best places to turn into your home, and broaden your horizons a bit.  Here is a brief compilation of some helpful information to help you start making plans for the future today.  

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a great place to call your home, especially if you love kangaroos and cappuccinos.  The culture in the city is laid back with a cafe vibe, and expats regularly find the city a place to call home. 

If you wanted to dig deeper into what it would be like to live in Australia, consider using an Australian mortgage calculator online. You’ll get a better idea of the cost of living if you take just a few minutes for research. 

Fiji is the stuff of dreams

You’ll find the vibe of the Pacific Islands in Fiji, and once you’ve laid eyes on the place, you’ll never want to leave.  The natural beauty of the islands are second to none and picturesque to say the least. 

The weather in Fiji is warm all year round, so you won’t need your winter gear to live your life in this tropical paradise.  Make sure to pack all of your swimming and snorkeling gear though, because there’s plenty of opportunity to be in the water.  

Cape Town, South Africa

Head to Cape Town, South Africa to see a breathtaking view between the mountains and the ocean. Cape Town hosts a fantastic food culture, and the nightlife won’t leave you asking for more.  

Watching the sunsets in Cape Town is a nightly delight that even the locals don’t forget to observe.  The beauty of the place never gets old, and you’ll always have something new to explore right around the corner.  

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you love the charming culture and attire of the Scottish people, Edinburgh is a great place to spend some time.  It’s located in the United Kingdom, but outfitted with all the Scottish charm you could hope to find.  There’s even a castle on the hill, but you can’t live there.  However, the countryside of the area is a great place to settle.   

Paris, France

Everyone thinks of love and romance when they consider the vibe of Paris, but there’s much more to the place than hearts and love.  The architecture of the building in Paris is stunning.  The food is incredible, and the people are much more welcoming than you might have heard.