Top Hotel Reservations Tips for Your Perfect Journey

Hotel Reservations Tips

Official statistics show that online travel bookings expected to hit $817 billion by 2020. Perhaps, as an active traveler, you have been wondering why hotels use online booking services. When it gets tricky for them to fill all of the rooms, it might be the best option and win-win situation. It’s a chance to get some money instead of nothing. 

To get a discount, many visitors postpone their booking process and often miss a deal at all. Waiting for the last room to be left is not the only way to cut costs. Using special booking services might be useful for obtaining such extras as travel insurance, airfares, discounts for the city attractions, rental cars, etc. You may check the giants of this business below:

  • Ctrip
  • TripAdvisor
  • Hotwire
  • Booking
  • Expedia
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Triviago, etc.

These are the leading online travel services, according to the report shared by Statista. However, if you blindly use only one of these services, you risk missing the best deal. 

How to Reserve a Room in a Cozy Hotel

First of all, a visitor should understand that rates vary on the type of accommodations. Every hotel and hostel have their own classification of rooms. The easiest way to find the cheapest apartments for your stay is to sort the available rooms by price on the platform, which offers such options. Use filters to pick what you need. 

Mind that different services set up various fees and taxes, so the final offer might not be the original one from the chosen hotel. Be ready that it might take time to find the most cost-effective proposition on the web. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate the price with the owner.

It’s necessary to study the so-called “rack.” It is a published, highest charge available. At the same time, it is the price of luxury rooms, so it’s justified. Find out if you can spend less if you cannot afford a luxurious rest. After that, weigh all the pros and cons while deciding on the type of accommodations that you want. Take into account the following factors:

  • Purpose (whether you’re a company manager having a business trip or just an essay writer looking for inspiration while traveling)
  • Budget
  • Chain
  • Luxury
  • Pricing
  • Rating
  • Client feedback
  • Category/Type of service
  • Room furnishings
  • Amenities

After that, set priorities. Highlight factors that matter most of all, and conduct research based on them. Use the corresponding filters on various booking websites. To be systematic and organized, create a Google or Excel table. Plug-in search results and compare them to come up with the best offer.

Hotel Reservations Tips

Once a traveler has an idea of the type of accommodations and minor details, they can search for more places before booking reservations. Check out the list of sources that we have mentioned above. They will help to pick the top options and deals. The major travel agencies do not always offer the most cost-saving options. Vice versa, they try to sell the expensive rooms as they are partners of many elite hotels. 

However, it is always possible to find a resort that you can afford no matter where you travel! You may think about hostels, for instance, but watch out for frauds! One of the hints to keep in mind sound this way: many hotels set aside their worst accommodations for visitors who book reservations via a travel agency or discount system. It is better to pick the room on your own instead of trusting this responsible mission to an agent.

Final Stretch: Making a Decision

You’re almost there! Wait until you take another responsible step — reviewing the official website of a company. 

Only the official page offers the hottest prices and best deals. You might not find discounts there, but the initial prices may be a better deal than those provided by the third parties. Explore various levels of accommodations and ask the support any additional questions. The types of apartments may fall under the following categories:

  • Family duplex
  • Two-bedroom suite
  • Deluxe with jacuzzi
  • Honeymoon suite
  • Deluxe with private swimming pool

Those are just examples of what you can choose. As for the specific days of the week, the choice depends on the particular hotel. Business hotels typically propose discounts on the weekends, which makes sense. As for the budget places, they usually stay empty throughout the working week.

Hotel Reservations Tips

If you have an opportunity, call the hotel directly. If you lack money, use Viber, WhatsApp, or other apps that make it possible to call abroad at no charge having the Internet connection. Sometimes, the official website and booking platforms do not reflect the true picture of what is going on with the rooms. The reservations manager or support team will check out the availability of the rooms while you hold on the phone. If they have special offers during a less-busy time, they might share this information with you.

Do not hesitate to ask about room location, included services, floor, renovations, size, etc. Only by building the right strategy and communicating with the right people, you’ll get lucky enough to have an unforgettable vacation or business trip.