14 Top-Rated Tourist Attraction in Australia

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attraction in Australia

Australia is the smallest continent in the world which also represents the world’s largest Island. There are so many sightseeing spots for tourists and also places where they’ll get the best experience of their lives. Here are 14 places that demand to be seen at the wonder down under.

Sydney Opera House

At the sound of the word ‘Sydney’, the opera pops into people’s minds, because that is what this place is known for. This building is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites with an outstanding design created by a Danish architect, Jorn Utzon. It has several restaurants where visitors can have a great meal while touring the iconic site.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney is one of these best places to visit in Australia, with lots of tourist attraction sites. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also known as ‘the Coathanger’. It was completed 40 years before the Opera house came into place and is recognized as the largest steel bridge in the world. As a visitor, you can enjoy your view by climbing to the top of this bridge to see the entire city.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

This is one of the best tourist attraction sites that can be found in Australia and even in the world. With three hotels and two restaurants, this Casino serves to entertain its customers with more than just gambling. Online blackjack Austalia is one of the top casino games played and tourists always love the game. For a luxurious holiday, Crown Casino is your best bet.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

This structure is recognized as one of the largest in the entire world. It is so large that it can be seen from outer space. In this site, tourists can admire very rare species and see fragile ecosystems which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The marine life that can be seen in this park is very exciting. Most tourists go diving and snorkelling to get a better view. But for people who can’t afford to get themselves wet, there are viewing stations and glass bottom boats.

Blue Mountains National Park

It is a beautiful park that is known for the blue haze coming from the eucalyptus trees. This creates a very beautiful environment where people can sit and relax. The park is known for several unique spots such as Three Sisters and the Katoomba Scenic Railway. In this place, you can go biking, hiking and even take horseback rides.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

It is found in the centre of Uluru in Australia. It is known for the shining red rock forms which are widely photographed by tourists. There are red dome-shaped rocks in this park known as Kata Tjuta. During the sunset, tourists watch the beautiful scene as the light casts on these coloured monolith forms.


This is a great tourist city; the second largest city in Australia. It is very easy to get lost in the beauty of it all, including galleries, theatres, restaurants, and so many shops. It has a strong European feel that gives you a sense of comfort and excitement. There are several affordable places to stay while you enjoy the beautiful city.

Daintree National Park

This park is located in the North of Queensland and it is made majorly of two great sections. One of them is the Mossman Gorge where clear waters pass over rocks while the other is Cape Tribulation which serves as one of the greatest places for tourists to visit.

Fraser Island

It is located between Brisbane and Bundaberg and is known as one of the largest sand islands in the world. While you sit on the beach, you can admire the sandstone cliffs of The cathedrals, the remains from shipwrecks, and even the pools filled with fish. It is important to have a vehicle while touring this place.

Bondi Beach

On this beach, you would see various bronze sculptures, sand, and a lot of backpackers and surfers. It is one of the most famous beaches in the world and is very close to the main city centre. It is necessary for swimmers to not go past the flags because strong tides which can sweep people away are very common on the beach.

Kakadu National Park

It is one of the top wilderness areas of the world. It is the largest national park in Australia and has many forms of wildlife for people who are interested in sightseeing, ranging from reptiles to birds, and even mammals. Due to heavy flooding from November to April, these attraction sites close down, while the animals seek shelter somewhere else.

Broome and the Kimberly Region

It is known as the pearl capital of the world with Cable Beach serving as the top attraction site. The great beach is known for its tourists riding on camels on sunset a beautiful view for photographers. It also has several highlights including the Staircase to the moon, Broome Historical Museum, and Broome Crocodile Park.

Kangaroo Island

This site is known for the beauty of nature. For anyone that loves kangaroos and would love to see them, this island is for you. They hop along the shores joyfully with their babies. You can easily see sea dragons in the waters and other animals such as penguins and sea lions.

Great Ocean Road

This is one of the best routes for tourists. To provide them with relaxation and comfort, and free from the life troubles, the 300km road runs from Torquay, which is known as a surfing town, to Allanford.

There are several attractions along the road where tourists can take pictures and enjoy a great time.

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