Top Skincare and Makeup Gifts of 2021 – For Her

Top Skincare and Makeup Gifts of 2021

Is it weird to give someone a skincare cream as a gift? Perfumes? Makeup products? Even though you know how much the person loves a particular product? 

There’s a myth that says gifting someone skincare products (lotions, soaps, perfumes) is actually an offense. Well, 2021, welcome. Who says no to an expensive perfume, or a $200 wrinkle cream? Let’s be honest: we all love receiving gifts, and it’s fair to say that everyone would like to spare some money on a product they’ve kept their eyes on for a while. So, next time someone comes to you with a skincare product, as a gift, just say yes. 

Let’s see what are the best skin care products you can gift to someone in 2021

A luxe moisturizer is a woman’s best friend. And if you hinting that the person needs a moisturizer, makeup, or perfume, then again: go for it. But if you have a feeling that the person won’t be happy with the gift, forget about it. 

Fragranced body lotions send no weird messages, nor cause conflicts between you and the other person. Impossibly chic body milk for women from an expensive and luxurious brand would delight any person on earth. Choose minimalist, rich in organic ingredients and scented products that smell gorgeously and comes in an attractive package. 

Skincare gift sets 

Skincare routine has become more important than ever, so with no doubt, the queen of gifts right now (for her) is a skincare gift set that will suit the other person’s needs. We’re pretty sure that your mom, friend, or sister needs it most. Whether it’s for their upcoming birthday, or you just want to congratulate them, organic rosehip seed oil makes the perfect gift. Don’t reserve the gift for Christmas, a skincare gift is always a good choice. If you know your sister’s skincare routine, choose the product that’s missing. Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer, facial serum, cleanser, or any kind of skincare newbie is very welcomed. 

Yes, buying a skincare gift set that contains many brand hero products is a perfect choice. This way, you will buy mini products from exclusive brands, with less money. But be sure that you choose the products according to the person’s age. 

Is a perfume suitable for gifting?

Do you know what’s best to gift someone? A fragrance. For some reason, people believe that gifting a fragrance is “risky” because it’s too personal. But believe us – gifting a perfume with cute, warm, and delicious scents cannot make the person mad about you. Plus, if you’re choosing the exact fragrance they like, then it’s a win-win. However, perfumes can be very confusing. If you don’t know how to make a difference between notes and accords, then choosing a fragrance online might be challenging. Luckily, you can find many perfume gifts sets in the exclusivist stores. Christian Dior, Kilian, Hermes, and Givenchy are just some of the many luxurious brands from which you can choose the must-haves of perfumes of this season

Makeup gifts

Shopping for makeup gifts can be challenging, as there are infinite products that could be perfect for gifting. If you have a makeup-obsessed friend, then you don’t have to worry about picking them a gift. What could you possibly choose? Well, here’s a list of makeup products to choose from for your friend. 

A best-selling primer – Is as good as you imagine. Preparing the skin for makeup is heavily important, as this helps makeup last longer, and don’t settle into pores. 

Eyeshadow palette – While everyone’s tastes in makeup may be different, so you can’t go wrong with choosing an eyeshadow palette. Select one that has neutral shades, including mattes, shiny metallics, and sparkly colors. These can be used for casual and glam night looks. 

Contour stick – You definitely saw that coming, didn’t you? A contour stick is creamy, blendable, and excellent for someone who doesn’t use powder. It helps shade, define, and highlight the face. Creating an attractive, bronzy look has never been easier. 

Beauty blenders – Experts in beauty recommend using beauty blenders, as these foundation applicators help to distribute the product on the face with no issues. Using your fingers to apply foundation on the skin usually requires rubbing it a bit, which leads to oily skin in a matter of time. 

Airbrush makeup tools – It’s perhaps the fanciest method to impress your makeup artist friend. Choose a set of 24k Gold makeup brushes in limited edition, and you will certainly not fail. However, whether you gift it to your friend, or keep it for yourself, be confident that this is a decision you’ll definitely feel good about. 

Yes, skincare and makeup can be a basic woman’s necessity. So, gifting someone a fancy face cream, a luxe body lotion, an expensive and delicate perfume, or a makeup product will delight anyone. 

The importance of skincare 

A good skincare routine is good when you use good products. Excellent quality skincare products will help your skin look and feel better. Don’t buy cheap skin care products, as these can be useless and even cause acne. A good skincare routine will help:

  • Keep skin in good condition for as long as possible
  • Skin looks younger and radiant
  • Prevent skin blemishes and the appearance of wrinkles sooner than expected
  • Boost your self-confidence 

When your skin looks good, you feel good. So, whether you’re buying skincare products for yourself, or to gift someone else, make sure you include in your basket the following:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Exfoliator 
  • Serum
  • SPF

If you’re lucky to have a friend that gifted you one of the products mentioned above, then make sure you thank them, and in return, buy for their birthday a special gift as well. So, it’s only natural that we look for ways to show our loved ones that we appreciate them. Finding a unique gift can be truly worth it, and this is exactly why we’ve completed the list above, so you can give perfect gifts to your loved ones.