STADIUM-STRADDLING acts Green Day and Muse are lining up new albums this year.
Green Day  (right) turned into planet-sized rock behemoths after their last album ‘American Idiot’ sold over a gazillion records worldwide.muse
Not bad for a band who used to sing about wanking and dog shit.
Their next album will be called ‘21st Century Breakdown’ and will be released in May.
Meanwhile, Devon’s finest Muse are rumoured to be targeting a September release for their next album.
Last November, bassist Chris Wolstenholme wrote to fans saying that “it would be nice” for the band to be able to release the album “in the second half” of 2009, but added that they were not working to a strict schedule.
However, a source at label Warners has revealed that the album is on schedule and their could even be a tour this year.
Muse’s last album ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ earned them Lisa Riley-sized success back home.
Not bad for a band whose first album was overlooked by critics in favour of ‘the next big thing’ Gay Dad.

• NEW Kids on The Block. Take That. Boyzone. The list of shit boy bands trying to cash in on former glories runs on and on.
Well now a bunch of nearly-forgotten 90s indie groups seem to be cottoning on to the same idea with news that The Bluetones and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine are touring their old albums again.
Carter are set to play their first four albums live in order in a series of gigs called ‘The Drum Machine Years’.
The Bluetones, meanwhile, will play debut album ‘Expecting To Fly’ live in full again due to fan demand.
“We’re really into this classic album lark,” said frontman Mark Morriss. “Next time we might try ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’!”
Which is probably where their careers willl end up once the tour’s over.

• CAN someone please give a dog a home? And for once it’s not Jordan begging for a shag.
This one likes a bone, plays on grass and loves his bitches. He’s also sold a shitload of records but, despite all that, Snoop Dogg has been made homeless after leaving record label of ten years Interscope Geffen.
“We are pushing the envelope on getting everything finalised,” said Snoop. “But I will not be releasing anymore projects under InterscopeGeffen.”
We’re sure he’ll have no trouble pimping himself out to someone else, fo shizzle.