Transform Your Bedroom This 2020 With These Creative Ideas

Transform Your Bedroom This 2020

For some reason, most people consider the bedroom to be the best place to spend quality time in. Whether alone after a long day at work or with your better half, the bedroom is one of the best places in the home to zen out and relax yourself out. Of course, all the other rooms are as important, but let’s face it, this is your last resort. This is your haven of tranquility, the last place you want to find dirty linen, unmatching curtains, or comfort-compromising objects. It’s the only place you can call your own, whether living in a rented living space or not.

That having been said, here’s how to transform your bedroom this 2020 with these creative ideas.

1. Add Some Pillows 

Yes, you heard it right! Throw and toss pillows are not only a decoration necessity, but are also a comfort prerequisite. Adding a few throw pillows depending on the size of your bedroom will help to add to the aesthetics of your sleep parlor. However, the cushions you choose will make a difference in how your bedroom feels and looks. If you explore cushion inspirations and ideas from, you’ll have plenty of throw pillow cushion options to help enhance and tone up your bedroom atmosphere. But before you get to pick the right bedroom pillows, there are a few considerations you’ll want to take in mind, including:

  • Choose the right cohesive color
  • Go for a symmetrical arrangement
  • Mix solid prints with busy prints
  • Consider putting the largest pillows on the outer corners
  • Have an extra pillow covers to refresh the look of your pillows

Depending on the types of pillows you’re investing in especially considering that there are both decorative, sleeping, and accent pillows, you’ll want to consider your sleeping position, size of [pillow, pillow filling, and pillow firmness to mention but a few.

2. Change Your Bed Position

Transform Your Bedroom This 2020

So, what’s the best location for my bed? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and perhaps the hardest to answer. Now, if you rely on conventional wisdom, it’ll tell you that you have to put your bed against the main wall. But this might not always be the right position depending on the layout of your bedroom. Having the right view of the door from your bed might as well seem like the best idea, right? But truth be told, no one needs to dictate to you how you position your bed. Most people like it when the sunrise light hits their bedroom windows and they get to witness it first hand. Either way, your bed needs to be positioned in a way that brings you good luck. Ever heard of the saying, waking up on the wrong side of the bed? The best bed position is the commanding position. Here are a few considerations:

  • Place your headboard against a solid wall
  • Ensure that your headboard is away from the toilet wall
  • Leave enough walking space on both sides of the bed
  • Ensure that you have a clear view of the bedroom doors

3. Change Your Bedroom Curtains

While it might seem like an insignificant change, curtains play a significant role in controlling the amount of light coming into your bedroom. They also help to add a bit of color in a dull room space. While all these will depend on the type of windows you have in your bedroom, flowing drapes will add an airy feel. The right curtains will do you more good than harm. Here’s how to select them:

  • Pick the fabrics that work for you… color, texture, size, and lining
  • Opt for curtains that block UV light and curtains that offer thermal and sound insulation
  • If you’re living in a busy neighborhood, then you may want to go for curtains that will offer you the utmost privacy, protecting you from nosy neighbors.

4. Accessorize It!

Painting your bedroom wall, will of course help to freshen up your bedroom. But even when you have the best color options, you’ll still have to be on the lookout for the things that make these colors stand out. Accessorizing your bedroom will do this and more. However, your choice of accessories will determine the type of environment and atmosphere your bedroom has. There are so many things to consider when accessorizing your bedroom. They include:

  • Lighting – it’s very important that your bedroom has the right vanities, however, the most important elements in your bedroom need to include lighting fixtures that help to bring out the colors from your fabrics. It’s important to include lights and fixtures that help to accentuate your bedroom textures, rugs, and window treatments. Adding a reading lamp will help when you have unfinished office work projects that you can hack right from your bedroom.
  • Ornamental accessories – The bedroom is among rooms in your home you want to accessorize. Here are a few things to think about v when accessorizing the bedroom.
  • Furniture – well, choosing the right bed, headboard, and bed is not enough for the ultimate bedroom experience. Other factors can help add a bit of comfort to your room. They include adding a few chairs, reading tables, and a couch, say you want to explore some relaxation position.

And there you have it. Working alongside an interior designer may help provide you with the insights you never thought you needed when recreating your bedroom environment. Don’t forget, while others are spending a lot of money on their walkaways, your bedroom needs to be a top priority when it comes to homeroom makeover ideas.