Travel Essential Etymotic MC3 Earphones

Etymotic Headphones

If you enjoy your music and sound quality matters to you, then these are the perfect choice for you. 
To put it plainly, the Etymotic MC3 earphones and headset are pretty impressive. These three button remote designed beauties are sleek, discreet and most importantly they are one of the best investments you may ever purchase.
Using the latest ACCU technology research, Etymotic makes the world’s most accurate noise-isolating headsets and earphones, so if background noise on the trains or planes is always bugging you, these sealed earphone are the answer.
With optional custom fit, they are designed to fit in the ear exactly with multiple choices of ear-tip provided to ensure comfort. Magically, they block the world behind you and let you immerse in the sounds of your music.
Recommended by musicians, this product is suitable for professionals and music enthusiasts who want stunning mobile music fidelity. The Headset also provides superior call quality with close-proximity microphone and noise isolation. Made for iPod, iPhone and IPad, this apple focused product is compatible with most models.
Available from for £69.