Travel Hacks All Millennia’s Should Know About

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Get Flight Times Out Of Your Heads

If you ask millenials what their long term goals consist of you would see a pattern of wanting to travel. So, maybe you’ve been eyeing numerous exotic travel destinations, but you don’t know how you can muster up the courage to endure a 14 hour flight. Some of us feel very uneasy, or can’t even fathom the boredom we would experience sitting on a plane for that long. I mean, there is only so much sudoku a person can do, right?  More people are using CBD every day for long duration travel times and making their travel dreams come true. Many of us long to visit locations we obsess over but ultimately hold off because we over analyze so many aspects of the actual travel time. You can do it. So, book that ticket and live your life!

Millennial Travel Hacks

Treat Yourself…Splurge For A Decent Airline 

Now, if you’re going to take a 14 hour flight anywhere you have to be comfortable. You don’t want to pay $98 for a cheap seat on Spirit Airlines and end up sitting on someone’s lap for that long. Yes, I’m exaggerating, but only to prove a point: you might end up with a bad taste in your mouth about extended travel times if you’re not at least comfortable on the flight.  Use a decent airline and splurge for the business seat which consists of a personal little pod with certain airlines. If you’re gonna fly across the globe you need to be comfortable. 

Take Advantage Of A Travel Agent

Many of us can’t afford to just shell out thousands of dollars for a vacation all at once. Travel agents seem like a thing of the past to some of us, and some see them less than trustworthy, but AAA travel is a great alternative. Not only do you save with travel expenses with AAA but you can also book travel and make payments towards your trip.  

Keep Yourself Occupied

Make sure you have plenty of activities lined up for yourself. It also wouldn’t hurt to pick up a portable charger for your phone. Unfortunately, phones seem to be our personal lifelines to the world. Have you ever tried not to pick up your phone for even a few hours….it’s hard…so don’t be stuck with nothing to do on that long flight. You can try some new games, download some audio books (if you don’t really like traditional reading), answer some emails, or even just clean/organize your phone. You can also use this time to take a step away from your electronic device and get those creative juices flowing by reading a book, writing, drawing, or anything else that speaks to your creativity. 

Never Hurts To Have An Extra Snack

If you splurge for that business pod, sure, you might have access to better food, but what if you still don’t like it? It never hurts to pack some of your own snacks to make you feel more at ease during your flight. I grew up on Lunchables, so I love to grab my favorite deli meat with cheese and crackers. It is somewhat of a healthier alternative to the dated classic we all grew up with. And, what is a long flight without giving in to your sweet tooth a little? A good way to make sure you don’t down the whole bag is to put some in a ziplock bag for the flight and put the rest in your actual suitcase. 

Don’t Forget The Headphones

Have you ever sat next to a chatterbox, hostile infant, or even an arguing couple? It can make an hour flight seem like a 10 hour flight so you can imagine how it would be for a long flight. Make sure to pack the headphones, and if you have them, pack Beats By Dre’s. Those headphones will block out any outside noise and allow you escape into the music. Oh, and did you know with Spotify premium you can download playlists to your phone? This way you can listen to all the music and/or podcasts you want to uninterrupted. 

Keep Your Space Clean

We have all acquired more of a germaphobe sensibility with the latest virus keeping us all on lockdown. So, when we are free to move about the globe again, make sure you take some sort of sanitary wipes with you to wipe down your table tray and other pertinent areas. You might be surprised to know that the bathroom isn’t the dirtiest place on the plane, but instead, the seatback trays. Play it safe, give your temporary space a quick wipe down, and dispose of the cloth to protect yourself. 

Make Layovers A Breeze

Did you know that most airlines offer day passes to their airport lounges usually between $25-$80 dollars? Most of the time you don’t even have to be flying with that particular airline! Most airport lounges offer free high speed wifi, food, newspapers, drinks, and some even have showers. So, if you’re gonna treat yourself to a business class pod you might as well go ahead and experience a laid-back layover while you’re at it!