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    Travel Talk Tour Deals 2018

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    50% Off Select Travel Talk Tour Early Bird Deals 2018

    Travel Talk Tours provide tours of the Middle East, Europe and Asia covering Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Russia, Greece and Croatia Sailing, festival tours like La Tomatina, Anzac and Oktoberfest and new in 2017 India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. Travel Talk Tours offer the experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank as a number of their tours can be found with up to 50% Off. Being avid travellers ourselves, we know what is essential to creating that perfect trip, and have tried to combine all of these elements in each and every one of our tours.

    25% Off Iceland Tours

    One of the most unique places on most bucket lists is Iceland with its incredible natural beauty. From the magical Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights, to stunning landscapes of the Golden Circle, burning beaches of lava, warm thermal baths of the famous Blue Lagoon, and the vibrant and charming capital Reykjavík, Iceland is among the top winter destinations. You can get a chance to go in thermal baths surrounded by a lava field, hike on a glacier, and watch the charming Northern Lights far away from the bright lights of the city. 

    Iceland tour deals

    15% Off La Tomatina Festival, Spain

    La Tomatina Tours – the story goes that in 1945 some local teenagers were taking part in the traditional and folkloric giants and big heads procession; when one of them decided to add their own touch to the parade and grabbed some tomatoes from a market stall nearby and threw them at the others, who of course immediately retaliated, this lead to a spontaneous food fight, and has now given rise to the ‘World’s largest food fight’!

    La Tomatina festival tour

    15% Off Oktoberfest Tours, Germany

    Oktoberfest Tours – everyone knows the name of Oktoberfest, and if you don’t, then this probably isn’t the tour for you. For 200 years a 3 week party has descended upon the city of Munich to toast the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig & Princess Therese. And what a party it is; with over 6 million people attending the festivities it is the most famous of German events and is the world’s largest fair.

    Oktoberfest Deals

    50% off Christmas & New Year Tours

    From visiting Bath's Christmas Markets to skiing in Europe, Christmas and New Year is a great time to get away with friends - or get away from it all. Travel Talk have great tours taking place over the festive period. For the ski bunny's amongst you, holiday in the beautiful ski resort of Chamonix-Argentiere and ski in the picturesque French Alps. Travel Talk's skiing tours provide full time ski instruction for all levels (from beginner to expert). You will have 23 hours of instruction in total, from Monday to Friday on a 7 day tour. 

    Skiing holiday deals Europe

    Travel Talk Tours 2017

    9-15 Day Egypt Overground Tours

    Travel Talk tours take you to the heart of Egyptian culture, history and adventure. You will explore the impressive ancient sites, discover the natural and cultural treasures of Egypt, ponder life beneath the stars and enjoy sun-kissed days on the Red Sea coast. Words will never do Egypt or this tour justice; one simply has to experience it.

    Besides its phenomenal history and culture, Mother Nature has also been more than generous here. From the life giving Nile to the vivid and lively playground of the Red Sea coral reef and the magnificent rock formations of Mt. Sinai; you will captivated with every step and in every direction.

    travel talk egypt

    Turkey Tours

    Turkey tours are a pilgrimage of culture, history, adventure fun and relaxation. Join us and visit a country known as “the cradle of civilization” being that the soils have seen many of the great empires and civilizations in history. Anatolian cities are said to be among the earliest human settlements in the world, from the miraculously preserved monuments of the Hellenistic-Roman civilizations to the path to Noah’s ark.

    Travel talk Turkey tours

    Anzac Day 2018

    25th of April 2018 marks the 103rd anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli shores to fight in World War I. Hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders gather to remember and honour the fallen, attend the dawn service and pay their respects on the very same shores. Memorial sites and the stunning atmosphere take you back in time and guide you through this unique experience. Travel Talk has been operating tours for the ANZAC Commemorative Services since 2000.

    Anzac 2017 Group Tours Travel Talk

    9 Day Tour Essential Nepal Tour

    Nepal Tours take you to a destination that offers a rich history, pure beauty, enthralling scenery and vibrant cities. Nepal, a landlocked country bordered by China and India is located in the Himalayas in South Asia. It is a multi-ethnic nation that is home to eight of the globe’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest which, is the highest point on the planet. 

    Travel Talk Tours take you to the core of rich culture, unspoiled serenity and perhaps a spiritual enlightenment. A Nepal tour is very much an experience, more likely to be a magnificent adventure than your standard holiday. This really is a country like no other, ideal for those inquisitive travellers on the quest for amazing experiences.

    Pakhora, Nepal Tour Guide

    Essential India

    Travel Talk Tours take you to the heart of Indian culture, history and of course adventure. An India Tour is a pilgrimage of sorts and is a necessity for any thrill-seeking adventure travellers who want to get off the beaten track and experience a country like no other which, offers a burst of different smells, sounds, colours, mysteriousness and excitement.

    woman traveller sitting on bench and looking to Taj Mahal

    Greece Tours & Sailing Holidays 2017

    Sail Greece Tours and Greece Island Hopping Tours take you to a country of phenomenal cultural and historical heritage, and lets you explore all of this while sailing around the beautiful islands. Greece has over 2,900 islands, innumerable beaches and over 200 days of sunshine per year, so it is no wonder it is one of the most popular holiday destinations.

    Greece Tours Sailing 2017

    Croatia Tours & Sailing Holidays 2017

    Croatia is one of those rare countries that offers a captivating and often turbulent history, but has the most gorgeous and unimpeded backdrop of natural beauty. The old-towns will have you feeling as though you have stepped back in time and the quaint fishing villages will make you forget about the crazy pace of the outside world. There is the phenomenal natural beauty of the islands and beaches - many of which are known to be the world's most beautiful.

    croatia tours

    Get up to 50% OFF Travel Talk Tours 2018

     Grab a mate, pick a tour and take advantage of our incredible 50% Off Adventure tour deals for Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Greece, Croatia, Spain & Portugal, India, Nepal, Thailand or Cambodia tours. Share an experience of a life time

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