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Trentemoller pic.2Trentemoller is back with his highly-anticipated third album, ‘Lost’ – a hypnotic potion of post-Punk, Indie and Chillwave, with just a sprinkling of Electronic for good measure. An album that might surprise a few who boxed him into the Dance genre, Trentemoller oozed pride and excitement when we caught up with him. And why wouldn’t he? Following a support slot for Depeche Mode in the summer, an incredible album awaiting release and an upcoming European and US tour, this guy’s got a lot to smile about.

Hi Anders, how are you?
I’m well, thank you.

What have you been up to recently?
We actually just finished touring with Depeche Mode in Europe. We had eight different cities and then we did about ten festivals. Right now I’m in my apartment, about to head to the studio to rehearse with my band for our tour in November.

You’re releasing your third full-length album ‘Lost’ on 23rd September; are you happy with the final result?
Yes, very happy. For me, this has been one of the easiest albums to make because things seemed to happen much more quickly compared to former albums; I don’t know why it was like that. But I’m really happy that the ideas I had before making the album ended up being as good as I could hope for.

Do you have a personal favourite track off of the album?
Yeah of course, one of my favourites is the opening track, ‘Dream’ with Minnie Parker from Low on vocals. She has a fantastic voice and I have been a Low fan for many years, so that is definitely one of my favourites; to have that magic that she can bring with her voice.

The record sounds much more post-Punk and Chillwave influenced compared to previous Trentemoller records, but we’re guessing you don’t like to be characterised by genre…
Yeah, for me I’m not thinking much in music boxes, so of course there are inspirations from punk-rock, but also from the club scene, The Doors with their organ sound. I’m inspired by a lot of different music and I was trying to put all of that with the Trentemoller sound and glue it all together. That was a big challenge to have so many different styles and influences and try and make it one homogenic thing.

So did you feel like you had to limit yourself of your influences?
The most important thing for me is to be open-minded, to not think too much about what I’m doing. In the middle of the working process, I can see that this album will go in a certain direction. In the beginning, I just want to see where the music takes me.

You set up your first live band in 2007 with Henrik Viskov on drums and Mickael Simpson on guitar, has the line-up changed at all?
It’s actually a new line-up. Henrik is one of the most famous designers and artists in Denmark, so he’s doing his own thing making clothes. We have two new guitar players and a new drummer who also played with Rayvonettes. We have Marie Fisker who features on the album and will also be singing Low’s songs, as we can’t take them with us! It was actually quite a challenge to make them her own songs. I really didn’t want her to copy what the other singers did because she has such a beautiful voice herself.

What do you love most about heading out on stage?
I love that it is not only me, but several people together. The social thing is very important, especially as the new musicians come with feedback and ideas to how the music can sound. It’s great for me, after being isolated in the studio for 12 months, to meet with a band and show them my vision for the music and the different parts to play. The drummer could have an idea that this song could sound better if we put the tempo up or down. All those ideas are welcome.

You mentioned that you toured with Depeche Mode earlier, was that the best experience of your life?
Maybe not the best, because there’s quite a lot to choose from! But it was a huge experience because I really grew up with them – they were the soundtrack to my teens. So it was pretty crazy to be playing on the same stage, such as the Berlin Olympic stadium, in front of 75,000 people. But also hanging out with them with a beer, talking to them as normal people, and seeing that they were really down to earth. It was great for me to see that my old heroes were having a good time.

You’re touring yourself later in 2013 and into 2014; where are you looking forward to heading to the most?
Actually I love playing all over the world. We’re heading off to 20 different cities, then the States and Canada. I’m crossing my fingers that we go to Australia. We’ve played three or four times there. Nothing is confirmed but we may be doing something in April or May.

Well our readers would be very pleased if you paid them a visit! Will there be any surprises for the audience during the tour?
Well, I won’t be dancing naked or anything! But part of our show is that it has strong visuals. Henrik Viskov has designed the stage that we are using; it’s hard to describe but the visuals are a big part of the show. He also did the whole set design for former shows, so for every new tour we have a new look and set.

What will be the next single off of the album?
The next single is called Candy Tongue with Marie Fisker, a beautiful Danish singer. I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback and I’m just waiting to get the album out!

So when the touring’s done and the promoting of the album has finished, what will you get up to?
I will start working on the next album – I already have some ideas! For me, I can remember when we finished our last tour, I was really hungry to get writing again and so many months went by with playing and doing interviews. It is really great for me to be in the studio by myself and writing. I will begin as soon as we have ended the tour.

Thanks for talking with us Anders!

By Charlotte Mellor