Turning the Tables


TurningtheTablesMASTERCHEF finalist Courtney Roulston is hosting a new web series, exploring the chefs of Cockle Bay Wharf’s restaurants. BBM’s BEN HARLUM caught up with her to discuss the project, titled Signature Dish.

What’s Signature Dish all about?
Basically we’re showcasing four of the restaurants down at Cockle Bay Wharf. I think Cockle had become a bit forgotten on the restaurant scene, so it’s really to remind everybody that there are some great restaurants there.

In the webisodes, you cover a few cuisines – what’s your favourite?
I’m a little bit of a mish mash! I love anything sort of Asian – Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, I don’t think there’s one cuisine I’m into. I don’t like one more than the other – I’m glad there’s seven days of the week to try every flavour!

What was it like turning the tables and becoming a judge?
It was a little strange! I spent nine months with a camera in my face so it was a nice change. It’s certainly the easier side of the camera to be on, it was very fun.

I have to ask – was it a mint or spearmint?
[laughs] I don’t think I was 100% wrong, but I don’t hold a grudge because I made it back onto the show. Had I not made it back onto the show a second time I would’ve looked at it differently!

You can watch Signature Dish at cocklebaywharf.com.au