Unique Places To Travel In NSW Australia

Unique Places To Travel In NSW Australia

Unique Places To Travel In NSW Australia: There’s no literal doubt that we just have a single thing on our minds at the moment. A crazy road trip – a little time away from it all. A camping trip for the weekend. Or even a great spa day. We heard you—summer holidays are nothing more than some distant memory, and all of us technically deserve some time away, a break of sorts. 

If you are considering planning such a trip far away from it all, then this article is most definitely for you. Have you considered New South Wales or NSW in Australia? Get ready to experience NSW’s sheer beauty, many national parks, eloquent boutique stays, exotic camping spots, winding rivers, and secluded beaches.

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Unique Places To Travel In NSW Australia:

There’s so much to check out when you visit the land down under – but why waste time over touristy places when you can visit some unique places that will give you memories of a lifetime? So without wasting any more time, scroll down and find out about all the top unique places located in the New South Wales region in Australia. 

1. Bellingen:

Great For A Casual, laidback life.

Travel time: A 5.5-hour drive if you start from Sydney.

Where to stay: The Belfry Guesthouse, The Lodge Bellingen, or Guest House on Hyde.

If a laidback vacation calls to you more than most things in life, then you must add Bellingen to your list! Only a 5.5 hours drive from the popular city of Sydney, Bellingen boasts flowing rivers, ancient rainforests, cascading waterfalls, verdant pastures, and even some fun beaches – yes, you guessed it right. 

Bellingen has it all! If you love going back to nature from time to time, then exploring all these world-heritage listed natural spots happens to be everything that you must explore – what are you even doing if you don’t explore the exotic natural destinations that NSW has to offer!

2. Tuncurry:

Great For Driving on the beach.

Travel time: A 3.5-hour drive if you start from Sydney.

Where to stay: Tuncurry Motor Lodge, Tuncurry Beach Motel, or BIG4 Great Lakes at Forster Tuncurry.

Mostly known as a twin town to Forster, Tuncurry blends an endless number of water adventures with a charming small-town appeal that you will never grow tired of! Did you know that Tuncurry actually means something along the lines of ‘plenty fish?’ So you can expect the fish n chips to taste damn good here!

The Nine Mile Beach at Tuncurry usually happens to be the primary location people mustn’t forget to check out! The location is famous for all the epic surfing spots, off-leash areas, and rockpools – Australia is a diverse country, and different regions are only proof that it happens to be all true!

3. Lord Howe Island:

Great For Relaxing, stress-free vibes.

Travel time: A 2-hour flight from Sydney.

Where to stay: Beachcomber Lodge, Capella Lodge, or Lorhiti Apartments.

Do you know why you must visit Lord Howe Island? Imagine this – it’s a clean and clear day. You are having a great time on a kayak paddling on the bluest lagoon you have ever laid eyes on with your significant other! There’s this warm, relaxing breeze, some sand on your feet, and a great view of the Jurassic mountains. 

The beauty? The island only allows around 400 visitors at any given point in time. This sounds great, considering you are a tourist who prefers isolation over doing touristy things. So if you were looking for a nice, isolated place to visit, then this is your shot – what are you waiting for?

4. Narooma:

Great For Exotic wildlife, flora, and fauna.

Travel time: A 5-hour drive from Sydney.

Where to stay: Horizon Holiday Apartments, Beachfront Apartments, or Amooran Oceanside Apartments and Motel.

Fluorescent estuaries and ancient caves bearing all the wildlife that can excite you awaits at Narooma – so if you aren’t excited about visiting Naroooma this season, then what are you waiting for? You need to pack your clothes and head over to this beautiful land as soon as possible!

It’s Time To Go Back Home!

There’s so much to check out and experience in the land down under that you are practically missing out on vacation time by not visiting these diverse regions of Australia. The land down under is an exotic place to visit – not going means you are simply missing out on making memories for a lifetime. 

Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts and experiences on the same in the comments section below. 

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