Unleash Your Inner Daredevil With Water Sports In Perth

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Find the best place to do water sports in Perth this summer on the Canning River with session with aWakening Adventure Sports.

Water Sports in Perth

You dont have to fling yourself north on Perth to Broome Tours to catch some action, Awakening Adventure Sports bring is straight to you in the heart of Perth.

With the summer months on the horizon and the temperatures steadily rising across Western Australia, Perth is just the place to be with its blissful and balmy weather, ocean views, vibrant city life and of course all the fun to be had on the Canning River.

This meandering river twists through the suburbs of Perth giving you the perfect playground to practice watersports. If you’re on a working holiday in Perth, or simply here for a holiday or are indeed a local, then watersports are a great way to get fit and stay fit whilst learning a fun new skill and enjoying the water. Operating on the river is aWakening Adventure Sports – Perth’s only wakeboard and waterski school.

Whether you’re a beginner with little experience on the water or fancy yourself as a professional, the staff at aWakening Adventure Sports will observe and instruct you to ensure your skills are taken to the next level. Starting out on the water can be a daunting experience for beginners, but the instructors are onside to teach you all you need to know about safety precautions, and will have you performing tricks in no time! Choose from a selection of classes and sessions at reasonable prices and learn something new or give a daring loved one a gift they’ll love this Christmas!

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On offer are a wide range of watersport activities that take you down Perth’s Swan River with the beautiful skyline of city running parallel.

With the water-ski course, your instructor dedicates six weeks to teaching you to ski with one hour sessions. From just $720 – this is the perfect gift for any budding daredevil this Christmas. There is also the option to try your hand at wakeboarding, which sees you get pulled along by a speedboat whilst you are attached to a board meaning you glide streamlined and cut through the water. Professionals at this often get propelled into the air and there is the chance to learn some pretty cool tricks.

If you’re not feeling so reckless, there is the option to go knee boarding, which is the step before you become a fully-fledged wakeboarder. aWakening Adventure Sports also does tubing sessions. After being attached to a speedboat, your fully inflated doughnut whizzes down the river at top speed!

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Sessions on offer

  • Tube Rides fr $45 (15 minutes) – $335 (two hours)
  • Learn to ski fr $45 (15 minutes) – $335 (two hours)
  • Knee board fr $45 (15 minutes) – $335 (two hours)
  • Wakeboard fr $45 (15 minutes) – $335 (two hours)

Learn to ski from scratch – six week course fr $720.00

Regular riders pass which entitles you to discounts as a regular, monthly newsletters, 10% off at Liquid Elements – one of Perth’s largest ski shops.

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Find out more at awakeningadventuresports.com.au or call on (+61) 0468 794 578

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