Updating A Classic Jewellery Collection With A Modern Twist

Updating A Classic Jewellery Collection With A Modern Twist

collection of 130 pieces of Cartier jewellery has recently been brought to Australia for viewing. Featuring classic items from the early to mid 20th century, many pieces have been restored to their former glory, but some have been further enhanced with modern accents. As well as embracing iconic items, current jewellery trends are also bringing timeless classics up to date, by adding coloured gems, experimenting with different settings, and mixing traditional stones with textured materials. Whether you are looking for a piece for all seasons or versatile accessories to support a more sustainable approach to fashion, creating your own classic collection of jewellery will provide you with a great way to enhance any look with meaningful and enduring pieces.

Creating Your Own Classic Collection

As well as being admired for their beauty, iconic pieces can also be an inspiration for your own collection. By taking the time to bring together sentimental pieces, jewellery to mark a special occasion, and more everyday items, you can curate your own jewellery collection. With a variety of pieces and designs, your collection will grow to allow you to match and enhance any outfit from your wardrobe. As well as choosing ready-made items of jewellery for your collection, significant pieces such as engagement rings can be designed to suit your own personal style. Current trends for adding brightly coloured stones, choosing unique pear-shaped gems, and using the less common gypsy setting can be blended to create an innovative design, reflective of your personal taste and style.

Jewellery As A Versatile Accessory

Although sometimes overlooked as an accessory, jewellery can alter an outfit quite significantly. Choosing classic but versatile pieces for your collection will ensure that you can accessorise successfully no matter what the occasion or time of year. Items that have featured frequently on the runway and in fashion shoots over the past few months include classic, plain gold rings, and earrings that have been given an extra twist with double stacks and triple hoops to add interest and individuality.

Updating Timeless Classics

As another timeless classic, pearls have seen a fresh revival recently. The trend for pearls has often been inspired in the past by royalty and celebrities, and as seen more recently, by the latest popular historical drama. Simple but eye-catching, pearls have been popular for centuries, but now new designs have updated the traditional simple string necklace or drop earrings. By mixing pearls with different gemstones and beads, or combining them with textured materials such as leather or suede, they are adapted for a more casual everyday style.

Whether a symbolic ring to mark a significant event, or a necklace with a modern twist to suit a more casual style, the addition of jewellery to an outfit is a great way to create an individual look. By investing in a variety of classic and contemporary pieces, you can put together a versatile collection to suit every occasion, season and style.