Useful Tips To Buy The Right Air Filter For Your Space

Tips To Buy The Right Air Filter For Your Space

Every household needs a proper way to regulate the air inside. You need your indoor air to be clean, fresh, and healthy. This is why a nice air filter can do the job conveniently for you. You can have a great and relaxing atmosphere indoors by finding the right air filter that suits you and your needs. 

Read on to learn more about our useful tips that can help you purchase the right air filter for your needs.

Ask Yourself Why You Want an Air Filter

You need to ask yourself why you want an air filter. This is the first and most important tip that you should know before you purchase one. Your reason behind the purchase is important to know because it can help you narrow down which filter unit you want. You might want a unit that helps clear the air if you smoke a lot at home. You might need one to help with allergies and allow you to breathe better. Some homeowners might need it to purify the rooms and get rid of bad odors quickly. Or maybe you or one of your family members has asthma and a filter could help with the breathing problems. Overall, this will help you purchase the right unit that is worth every penny spent.

Installation and Size 

A filter unit’s size can make a huge difference in the installation process. You should try to minimize any complexity when it comes to the units you’re browsing by knowing which size fits your HVAC air conditioner, central air system, or heater. Also, this is the case for stand-alone air filter models too that can be customized. Advice from the American manufacturers at suggests that you should opt to customize your air filter if you can’t find the right size for your needs. This can be quite convenient because the specialists will make the installation process a breeze for you. After all, you purchased a customized product that fits your home perfectly. Each unit is installed differently and you must have specific instructions or you should hire someone to install it for you for better results.

Check the Rating System

You can’t buy a good air filter without checking its rating system. Get to know the filter performance rating (FPR), microparticle performance rating (MPR), and the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). These ratings help you understand which units are high-quality. This is the unified ranking system that allows you to check the capabilities of the filter and the quality it can provide for you. The system has a color code too that gives you more insight on what to expect from this unit at home. You will understand the level of accuracy when the filter traps harmful air particles, whether it’s mold, pollen, dust particles, odors, or bacteria. It’s always optimal to see a scale from 4 to 10 for the best performance to get your money’s worth. 

Check the Warranty

Tips To Buy The Right Air Filter For Your Space

You must check the warranty of the air filter model that you’re about to buy. Ask for a longer warranty because it’s much safer. The specific model might have a defect or issue that would need repairing or replacing. Short warranties aren’t reliable because you never know when you could replace your filter. The optimal warranty plan would be between 5 and 6 years of a guarantee. Also, read the warranty thoroughly because it must have the coverage for every part of the filter. This includes every important assembly part, blades, bolts, and screws for a fair coverage plan.

Make Sure It Has Decent Insulation

Filters with decent insulation can be quite beneficial for two reasons. The filter will be silent and it will have minimal heat gain and loss. The importance of insulated filters is paramount. You will not enjoy your time at home if your unit emits loud noises. Also, it won’t be an appealing purchase if the filter doesn’t have enough insulation that it doesn’t work properly. Shop around and ask for a unit that has noiseless features and it can regulate the air indoors efficiently without any temperature changes.  

Air filters are amazing products to have and they are worth the cost. Avoiding any hasty decisions can be a smart move because you should pay for a product that has the right features, capabilities, and performance rating that your home needs. You will find an abundance of different air filters. This is why you should shop around, do some research, and narrow down each filter model until you find the one that suits your home, budget, and needs.