VandalismAT ONE time or another we’ve all dreamed of running out onto our favourite team’s pitch, doing a lap of honour and then racing off the ground again in a blaze of glory.

And that’s exactly what one sports fan got to do at Etihad Stadium this week. Unfortunately, it was at night when the stadium was locked up. And he was in a van at the time.

The rogue driver burst through a locked fence to get on the pitch, drove around the ground and then crashed out through a boomgate at about 6.15pm on Wednesday.

Stadium boss Ian Collins said the van (pictured) “Gained access to the arena via a ramp which was open due to the fact that scrolling signage was being removed from the arena. The vehicle was driven from one end of the ground to the other and then exited the arena.”

Bizarrely, the van turned up again later in the night at 2am but couldn’t get access to the stadium and buggered off.

Reports that the clearly top-class security people at Etihad Stadium have since been approached to help at the Commonwealth Games have yet to be confirmed.