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Carpenters Required To Work In Sydney Australia – 457 Visa Sponsorship Available

Carpenter jobs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

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The construction industry is a smart move in your career as a carpenter because there are many opportunities to build a rewarding career in Australia. If you are a carpenter with the appropriate qualifications and experience, then the demand for your skills is high.

As an apprentice carpenter, the starting rate of pay would be low. You will be earning and learning at the same time. Your salary as a carpenter would gradually increase as you progress and gain experience.

General Pros

You have many career choices that range from home, office, commercial construction sites, factories, lumber yards, shipyards, etc.

The earning potential in Victoria alone is high for a qualified carpenter with more than 40,000 homes built in a year.

Your lowest hourly rate would be AU$ 15.01 and the highest AU$ 21.98. After the apprenticeship training, the earning potential is considerable. The average annual salary for a qualified carpenter is around AU$ 40,000 to AU$ 90,000.

You have a good chance of starting your own business due to the constant evolvement of the construction industry. The opportunity for a qualified carpenter to find employment is very high. This leads to specialization in a niche that each person has the talent to create an impact.

The learning process of the Diploma takes a relatively shorter period. However, you have opportunities to earn while you train on the job.

You can be your own boss and if you have your own business. This leads to healthy management of time where you work at a project or two at a stretch and then take on a project that is much less demanding. Such combinations of work or schemes help you to rest and relax in between tough projects. Some even have time to enjoy with their family and take vacations during this “off” time!

General Cons

The annual income is varied depending on who you work for whether it is for a carpentry service, building, and construction firm or self-employed. The number of hours you work, the type of carpentry work you do and your experience also contributes to your salary.

This is a hazardous profession which involves working with electrical saws and other tools. The instruments used are for cutting, shaping and boring into the wood and surfaces. Misuse or mishandling of any of this equipment may cause serious injury.

The apprentice programme is lengthy. It required around three to four years of training.

You have to work hard, and this leads to physical exhaustion. Apart from hard labor, you should not be afraid of heights! Excellent hand-eye coordination coupled with manual dexterity goes without saying. An ear problem or eyesight issue will rule out this profession as you are required to have a right balance while working on heights and be a detail oriented person.
The list doesn’t end here as listening skills and working well with teams are also important characteristics for a carpenter.

Working as a carpenter in Sydney

Carpenter jobs in Sydney the Pros

There are plenty of permanent jobs with growing residential and commercial builders. There is a tremendous earning potential for experienced carpenters.

Some places offer overtime payment schemes with new time sheets which are paperless, time sheets help to get paid accurately and without being inconvenienced. Certain construction services pay an hourly rate of AU$ 38 to AU$ 45.

Carpenter jobs in Sydney, the Cons

Jobs for apprentice carpenters are fewer in in Australia, and they often offer lower wages. Most good positions are open only for those experienced.

Working in Melbourne as a carpenter

Carpenter job in Melbourne the Pros

The average hourly wage is AU$ 30 to AU$ 34.99 and happens to be lesser as compared to Sydney. But the work environment is more structured, relaxed and the pace lesser. You can still find a variety of work available to suit your talents, and there is long term employment or security. There are job opportunities for those who are apprenticing.

Carpenter jobs in Melbourne the Cons

You need to be thorough in your professional knowledge and skills. Mishaps and mistakes would not be entertained more than once or twice. Rewards are given only to staff who are diligent and the “Customer is King.”

Working in Brisbane as a carpenter

Carpenter jobs in Brisbane the Pros

You can find more professional work available for those with qualifications, training and many years of experience. Full-time positions are given to the best of the trade, and the hiring companies are professional and productive. They even provide tools and vehicles for the convenience of the employee. The work is secured and guaranteed.

Carpenter jobs in Brisbane the Cons

Work for those who have just completed their qualifications and are apprenticing or with the training are lesser as compared to Sydney and Melbourne. The hourly wage could be as low as AU$ 25.

Working in Perth

Carpenter jobs in Perth the Pros

You can find work in the city, and the inner and western suburbs. There is a tendency for a team of workers to work on a project providing support and reliability. This system would fit a professional with high standards. Most businesses are well established, and if you are the right person with the right attitude, then there is potential for full-time employment.

Carpenter jobs in Perth the Cons

Most of your work may be found in the inner and western suburbs. If you are an urban or city person, this might be uncomfortable and less enjoyable an experience for you. Some firms have work on a shift basis, and this could mean working late nights or weekends.