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How Can a Foreigner Get a Job as a Carpenter in Melbourne and What are the Government Requirements to Enable a Carpenter to Enter Australia and Work?

Skilled or Permanant visa for carpenters

It is common for a man to search for greener pastures and more lucrative opportunities to further their career aspirations and social goals. Australia has established itself as a great place to live and work; therefore, people of all walks of life endeavor to migrate and find employment Down Under. Those who have specific skills and qualifications can apply either for temporary residency or permanent residency based on the market demand for the set of skills.

Living in Melbourne

Carpenter jobs in Sydney and Melbourne
Melbourne with its unpredictable weather conditions is a famous city in Australia for migrant workers. Those from South Asia to South America have settled down in Melbourne, Victoria where living conditions have often applauded the world over. This status is due to meticulous planning, transparent processes, and reliable systems.

Equivalent qualification from country of origin

To apply as a migrant carpenter to the area of Victoria, you would need to be qualified in your own country and have completed your apprenticeship. Those who have not completed their training do have the option of transferring their credits and completing the course in Australia, and candidates would not be able to start working until the course finished.

General Skilled Migration or Employer Sponsored  Visa

There are two avenues for migration where one is known as ‘General Skilled Migration’ where those with the required prerequisites can apply for permanent residency and after that a job. The prerequisites are the educational qualification in carpentry, 03 years of post-qualifying experience and having worked for at least 12 months within the past 03 years as a carpenter. The second avenue is known as ‘Employer Sponsored Visa’ where the employer in Australia sponsors a candidate. This type of visa is not permanent, but the residency can be converted to a permanent type after a period of two to three years if successful at the job.

White Card,tools and safety gear.

White Card For Australia
Apply for your White Card

Those accepted under either one of these schemes would need to apply for a White Card as the initial step upon arrival in Australia. Before issuing a White Card, the Australian authorities carry out an induction programme where the prospective carpenter is acquainted with the safety procedures and standards to be followed in construction sites in Australia. Once armed with this White Card, you need to equip yourself with the required tools, unless your employer provides the tools and safety equipment, them and you are good to go.

High earnings for those who make it.

Earnings are good, wages per hour vary depending on your experience, starting wage for carpenters is around $40 per hour and experience carpenters can earn $90 per hour or more so go get a Carpenter job in Sydney and Melbourne and enjoy the great Ozzy lifestyle.
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