Carpenter Jobs in Sydney Australia: Different Skill Options

Carpenter Jobs in Perth WA

Project Carpenter

The Project carpenter carries out carpentry work within SLHD project sites and maintenance workshops. To become an experienced Project carpenter, you need to have successfully completed carpentry apprenticeship along with experience in working in construction, working with power tools and wood cutting machinery and maintenance experience to different types of buildings. Having knowledge of building and construction related WHS guidelines is another requirement in this job. If you are an experienced carpenter in your country of origin and you are planning to become an experienced carpenter in Sydney or North Sydney, you will need to acquire a NSW Driver’s license as well as a current WHS work cover accredited white card.

Commercial Carpenter

Commercial carpenters assist in the construction of hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail developments as well as other types of commercial buildings. Carpenters in this area of the trade also frequently work with steel or other materials when framing exterior walls, curtain walls, and interior partitions. Many of them also specialize in building concrete forms or performing various finishing tasks like laying floors or installing paneling, ceilings, and windows.

Framing Carpenter

Framing carpenters are carpenters that focus on the foundational structure of buildings. They may work on residences, business buildings or factories. As part of the job you may work with blueprints and other technical materials to ensure that you are following the design specifications and that your work meets the standard requirements for the type of building you are working on.

Carpentry Assistant

Carpentry assistants help experienced carpenters with basic tasks as you learn fundamentals like how to read blueprints, make accurate measurements, and use hand tools and power tools safely and effectively. This job path is good for getting a feel for the trade before beginning an apprenticeship.

Bench Carpenter

Bench carpenters (cabinetmakers) contribute to the cutting, shaping, and assembling of wood products. Or take on tasks like setting up and operating power saws, jointers, and other kinds of woodworking machinery. Many cabinetmakers don’t just get to fabricate wooden cabinets. They also often get to design custom cabinets and install them in customer’s homes or offices.

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