Carpenter Jobs in Sydney Different Types

Carpenter Jobs in Sydney Different Types

There’s currently plenty of work for skilled and qualified carpenters in Australia. Even though there’s been a recent downturn in the mining boom, there’s currently a housing and construction boom on the East Coast major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Carpentry is a skill that is universal, and unlike electricians or plumbers, there’s currently no licensing required to work as a Carpenter in Australia.

Types of Carpentry Jobs

Although a carpenter is generally referred to as a person who builds and repairs wood structures in the construction industry. It turns out there are many different types of carpentry jobs that a skilled carpenter can get into.

Rough Framing Carpenter

This job includes building the main structure of a house or commercial building using wood and other materials such as steel studs. A rough framing carpenter is responsible for building from the ground up which includes the floor, walls, stairs, and roof structure.

Finish Trim

This job includes the installation of cabinets, door jambs, doors, baseboard trim, door & window casing, fireplace mantels, stair treads, ballisters, and even closet shelving units.

Cabinet Maker

A cabinet maker’s responsibilities include the building and installation of cabinets, furniture, and specialty items using many types of materials.

Deck Builder

This type of carpenter job includes the installation of post and beam framing, joists and joist hanger layouts, and decking installation.


A millwright generally will do more industrial type work in power plants and factories. They’re responsible for moving, assembling, or dismantling machinery.


A shipwright is a person who builds and repairs boats in all shapes and sizes from small personal boats to large ships and barges. They are responsible for the design phase as well as building according to strict specifications.

Siding and Window Installer

An installer is responsible for the installation of all types of new construction windows and doors, replacement windows and doors, and all types of siding materials. Including fibre cement, vinyl siding, cedar, masonite, and more. A siding & window installer will work on both remodel and new construction projects.


These days, there are many types of roofing products that require carpentry skills to install. Including cedar shakes, hidden seam steel, and asphalt metal roofs. These types of materials require accurate layout and measurement skills, along with knowledge of various cutting tools, and different fastening techniques.

Flooring Installer

A flooring guy is responsible for fixing and levelling floors, laying laminates, hardwoods, and linoleum.