Employment Agencies for the Disabled in Australia

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People with disadvantages such as a disability or illness shouldn’t have a disadvantage when trying to find a career. Whilst many people suffer with disabilities, this doesn’t mean that they’re incapable within the workplace, and they can often provide useful insights and skills when doing their job that others can’t. Across the UK, changes to improve accessibility for those with disabilities are being made, whether that is improved mobility facilities or more employment opportunities. The best mobility scooter showroom Suffolk is just one example of the dedicated centres to improve mobility in England. Australia is another country working hard to tackle accessibility issues, which is why the country is home to a range of employment agencies for the disabled. Read on to find out more about how Australia’s employment agencies are transforming disabled people’s lives and making leaps towards equality.

Disability Employment Australia

This agency describes themselves as the ‘peak body representing the sector’, aiming to find jobs for those with a disability. They strive to ensure that these individuals are treated no differently within the workplace, receiving real wages alongside those who aren’t affected by a disability. To put it simply, Disability Employment Australia aim for overall equality, to make the quality of life for the disabled better. There are a lot of blurred lines between how to treat a person with disabilities and how not to, so DEA work to ensure that the workplace is educated about how to accommodate for the disabled. Each disability is different, and so individuals may be looking for something different within a job. Therefore, DEA will allow people with disabilities to select whether they want a part-time or full-time job that is fully suited towards their skills and capabilities.

Work Focus

This agency was established in 1989, and has worked hard to get the disabled happily employed ever since. They understand that whether you have an injury, illness, disability or general disadvantage, you still deserve the same employment opportunities as anybody else. Not only do they work hard to get you work, but they’ll also provide you with support once your job has commenced, offering frequent advice and support via advisory services. Work Focus is also part of the Work Health Group, which is a privately-owned business providing support to those with impairments. Over 50,000 people have been attended to by the dedicated staff at Work Focus, ensuring that a high standard of health and wellbeing is maintained within and outside of the workplace.

Ostara Australia

Working closely with the Australian government, Ostara Australia aim to destroy the barriers that restrict those with disabilities from being in a secure, sustainable job. They understand that these barriers usually exist due to the ignorance of others, as well as discrimination and inflexibility from companies which fail to cater for disabled needs. Therefore, not only do Ostara work hard to ensure that the disadvantaged receive employment, but they also work to ensure that employers and organisations are aware of how to accommodate for someone with a disability. Through collaboration, Ostara encourage employers to enforce diversity into the workplace. Overall, their goal is to create a future in Australia where everyone can work and live equally.


When living with a disability, it’s usually imperative to find extra assistance when looking for a job. Workskil hear this plea, and will help you find a job that is perfectly tailored to your strengths, skills and circumstances. This agency will aid the disabled from the very start, offering help with resumes and cover letters to ensure that you’re selling your capabilities as much as possible. Furthermore, they link directly with employers to ensure that they have a thorough understanding on how to cater for individuals with impairments. Their hard work doesn’t end there either, as they provide endless support for the disabled once they’ve begun a job.