Fags In The Fast Lane

Fags In The Fast Lane



to screen at Cinema Nova
November 29 & 30
December 1

Melbourne filmmaker Josh Sinbad Collins’ camp, rock ‘n’ roll feature film, ‘Fags In The Fast Lane’ will be screened over three consecutive nights at Cinema Nova on November 29 & 30 andDecember 1, after returning from a successful festival run across Europe and the US.

Narrated by Tex Perkins, the film is described as “a loud, punk, pop-art cinema experience; a camp and crazy road movie blasting straight out of Melbourne’s north side rock ‘n’ roll and bar scene”.

On its debut international festival tour, ‘Fags In The Fast Lane’ won top honours for ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Horrorvision Festival in Barcelona and picked up second place at the Plan Nine Film Festival in Michigan, while star King Khan won ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the Maverick Movie Awards. The film also received an invitation to screen in the ‘Panorama’ section of the prestigious Berlinale, “… from an overexcited judge and film critic”, enthuses Collins.

London was packed, Berlin went bananas, Bern was awesome and Amsterdam defied description with an audience of deviant drag queens and rock and rollers vying for who could hoot the loudest,” he says.

A second round of screenings across Europe and the USA is being planned, with Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, and in the USA Reno, LA, San Francisco, Charlottesville, Sioux Falls are all in the pipeline.

Fans of trash-art, lo-fi movies such as ‘Pink Flamingos’, ‘Faster Pussycat Kill Kill’, and ‘Rock ’n’ Roll High School’ will be blown away by the debauched deviant charm of this new film.

‘Fags In The Fast Lane’ takes off with a gay avenging hero on a quest for a mystical Golden Cock. Within a hyper-real fantasy world packed with bizarre characters and revolting villains he encounters a grotesque burlesque troupe, an Indian eunuch assassin, a gang of androgynous Elvises, even a GILF bordello.

Backed by a soundtrack of garage rock (The Mummies, King Khan, Hot Wings), disco funk (Sugar Fed Leopards, The Seven Ups) and Elvis (Elvez the Mexican Elvis impersonator has a major role), the film stars an assortment of Melbourne’s underground musicians and personalities including Sugar Fed Leopards, cult crooner Oliver Clark, members of Brunswick punkers Mesa Cosa, blues pianist Pugsley Buzzard, sassy sax player Justine Jones, alongside an international cast including King Khan and erotic screen legend, Kitten Natividad – muse of the late director Russ Meyers.

‘Fags In The Fast Lane’ is a Zombie Zoo Production and was filmed entirely in Melbourne. Josh Sinbad Collins is creator of this full throttled comedic adventure movie. His former films include ‘Pervirella’ and ‘Perv Parlour’. He is also known in Melbourne for creating and running The LuWOW Tiki nitespot and in Perth, the Hula Bula Bar and Deville’s Pad.


380 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Fags In The Fast Lane