Plumbing jobs in Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth

Plumbing jobs in Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth

Hailing from UK / IRELAND and Working in Sydney

How to become a plumber in the UK

Required Certifications:

  • A Certificate III in Plumbing
  • Completed Apprenticeship
  • License(s) or registration(s) as per class applied for


  • Strong understanding of Mathematics and English
  • Relevant pre-apprenticeship: Certificate II in Plumbing
  • Construction Induction Card (White Card) is required for access to any construction site in Australia

Some of the Benefits Received by Plumbers with Permanent Residency Visas:

  • Live and work in Australia
  • Not tied to any employer or work contract
  • Access education for your children without financial contribution
  • Full access to medical care for your family
  • Your partner or spouse can work full time

Visa Options:

  • Skilled Independent 189: Free to live and work anywhere in Australia from the day you arrive.
  • Skilled Nominated 190: Expected to live and work in Sydney for two years. Following that you are free to live and work anywhere.
  • Skilled Regional Nominated 489
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored 489
  • Employer sponsored visa (when you have a firm offer of employment)

Step One: Checking Eligibility

  • Age less than 45 years.
  • Possess NVQ Level 3 qualification from the UK
  • Some years of hands-on experience.
  • Score a minimum of 65 points on the Australian Immigration Points Score.

Step Two: Paperwork for Assessment

1. Passport
2. CV
3. All qualifications
4. Accompanying transcripts and details
5. Payslips
6. References covering the right points
7. Current first aid certificate

8. References for periods of self-employment (as a plumber you may provide references or the correct signed sworn statement. This requires evidence in the form of financial or tax records).

Step Three: Technical Interview

At a secure site of test centres, with an Australian assessor. Upon successful completion of your technical interview you’ll be awarded an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record).

Step Four: Professional Payments

The plumbing skills assessment will be processed by a third party organization licensed by the Australian Government called Vetassess who levy their own professional fees.

Step Five: Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI)

The waiting begins with the EOI. When selected, you can formally apply for the Permanent Residency Skilled Migration Visa. Delicate care and attention should be given to this application as errors or mistakes could lead to a rejection of reapplying for a period of up to 10 years.

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