Plumbing jobs in Sydney Melbourne Perth and Brisbane

Plumbing jobs in Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane

Working as a Plumber in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane

General Pros

Pipes in a household often have leaks or breaks that occur accidentally. Toilets tend to get clogged. Sinks and bath pipes get clogged and drain slowly. It’s therefore a given that there is always work for a professional plumber to attend to these issues.

You will be working in an occupation that is subject to rules and regulation in terms of work methodology. Australian trades are unionized; however many plumbers are not members, and generally, unions are a lot weaker today with declining memberships as government workplace legislation is excellent in Australia.

Plumbers have plenty of work, and they most often have so many clients squeezed into a single day. Many plumbers can earn a respectable income on a part-time base. There are a variety of specializations to choose from within the field of plumbing: roofing, gas fitting, construction, domestic, etc.

The occupation requires qualifications, apprenticeship and concurrent practical work experience.

General Cons

Working as a plumber is no easy task. It takes long hours and late timings. A plumber who wants to earn a high income in Brisbane should be ready to sacrifice his or her evenings or nights and weekends. Most of the time a plumber would be tediously working late into the nights.

Emergencies in plumbing occupations are possible most often. A plumber cannot rule out these sudden bouts of necessities from his or her customers.

While the benefits are many, do keep in mind that this job is not for you if you cannot take the demand and heat. It is no easy task to be crouching under a sink or hunching over a drain. Having to creep inside limited spaces and carrying heavy tools. Plumbing can be an exhausting and hard job.

Backaches and leg pains, muscle cramps from over standing, or straining your back muscles would be part of the job!

In Australia, a tradesperson has to dress in a way that is regulated by health and safety rules, so safe boots, hard hats, and shirts that ensure you are easily seen are essential.

If you are a foreigner and end up doing shoddy workmanship, then you are in for trouble. Australians do not like poor workmanship and are naturally cautious about work was done by foreigners

Working in Sydney


Companies attract the top talents for their organization. Therefore, you could earn a substantial wage due to the high demand. Standard construction working hours range from 7:00am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. Your chances of being exposed to business and trade networking are high. You might even be requested to order parts and talk to clients.

You could also gain experience through exciting projects and get more expertise in construction and civil work.

Enjoy an excellent work-life balance with plenty of sunshine and occasional showers, the weather is generally lovely so you can enjoy a great lifestyle


Your competitors are school leavers and mature age students. They may have some form of prior experience, a contact in the plumbing industry or possess a pre-apprenticeship course to their credit. Be ready to think on your feet to solve unexpected problems and challenges. To prevent mishaps every step of your work process requires attention to detail.

Some of the available positions in Sydney for a plumber:
• Maintenance
• Emergency
• Construction
• Civil Plumber / Drainer
• Industrial
• Roof

Working in Melbourne


The average pay for a plumber in Melbourne is AU$ 28.40 per hour. The highest wage is at around AU$ 44.16.

There are plenty of jobs to be found in the city and the outskirts. Many companies have registered plumbers. Whenever a customer needs a plumber, they need to call the plumbing service who have a strong demand for plumbing services.

Working for a plumbing emergency service is safe and lucrative, and there is lots of work.


The lowest wage is AU$ 19.39.

Working in Perth


The average pay for a plumber is AU$ 32.73 per hour. The highest wage is at AU$ 46.75.

The more experience you have, the more your chances of earning. A plumber with entry-level and less than five years experience could earn average total compensation of AU$ 59,000. This total compensation includes tips, bonuses and overtime pay.


The lowest wage is AU$ 20.63.

Working in Brisbane


You will be able to have a steady and stable income of at least fifty thousand dollars annually (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This inevitably supports and sustains your family. If you are a professional in this field, then you might have several clients leading to higher earning potential.

When your customers start trusting you, they become consistent and learn to wait for your specific services. Thus begins a very loyal and steady base of customers.


Being a plumber in Brisbane could be difficult. You might have to work around the clock to have a high income. It is definitely a job in demand this year and keeps growing in requirements of the state.

It isn’t sufficient to have just an average plumber. You should be very knowledgeable and the expert in the field and committed to providing an excellent service to customers.

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