Plumbing jobs in Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane

Plumbing jobs in Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane

How to get a job as a plumber if you are not Australian?

Are you seeking employment opportunities as a plumber? Well, if you are a skilled plumber and have the requisite qualification and experience, Australia might be the exact place to make your mark in the plumbing industry.

What qualifications and experience do you need?

The first step towards achieving a job in Australia as a non-Australian is that you apply for an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). This can be obtained via a Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Once the OTSR is completed, you need to acquire a provisional license via a licensing body. You must work under supervision in Australia and undertake gap training or Australian specific training.

Australia is federal so different states have different regulations

The requirements concerning Australian context gap training for the licensed occupation of plumber differ from one state to another. Please visit [email protected] for further specific information related to plumbing skills assessments and Australian context gap training. Usually, you must complete this training within 12 months.

Overseas Skilled Assessment Program

Certain areas will require you to go through an Overseas Skilled Assessment Program, or OSAP. These are designed to determine if you have the skills and experience to work in Australia at the trade level so you can immediately contribute to the Australian workforce.

White card

If you are planning on working on construction sites or visit them regularly and you need to acquire a ‘white card’ which is a national qualification in Australia. The white card allows you to work in any state in Australia proving that you completed an Occupational Health and Safety Induction Training course.

How to find a Plumbing job in Australia?

After the above requirements are fulfilled craft your resume and start applying online. Visiting a building site is often an excellent way to find a job and also make new trade friends. Going to a recruitment company may also be a quick way to find a plumbing job. You could visit an online recruitment booking engine. However, it’s you who will do all the work, and you most likely will end using a recruitment company in the end.

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