Things to Do in Melbourne Victoria – Brewery Tour with Wine Tasting

Things to Do in Melbourne Victoria - Brewery Tour with Wine Tasting

Check out Best Things to Do in Melbourne Victoria – Brewery Tour with Wine Tasting

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Join the Carlton Brewhouse for a fun and interactive behind the scenes tour of Australia’s iconic and famous Carlton & United Brewery, home of your favourite beers – VB, Carlton Draught, Foster’s, Pure Blonde and more…
See where over 2 million litres of beer is brewed every day, and watch over 1000 stubbies (bottles of beer) being bottled every minute!
Of course, a brewery tour wouldn’t be complete without a complimentary tasting of fresh, cold beer afterward.
Lunch is available before or after your tour. Tour guests can also take advantage of specials on CUB souvenirs and Merchandise.
Melbourne’s unique Carlton BrewHouse is also available for special events, functions and conferences.
The following details will help you learn about CUB and book your Carlton & United Brewery Tour in Melbourne.
Tours operate Monday to Friday.
Bookings are essential by calling (03) 9420 6800
or through your tour operator.
Carlton BrewHouse
Cnr Thompson & Nelson Streets
Abbotsford, VIC

BBM Review

While Foster’s maybe one of Australia’s largest beer exports, it is barely drunk on home turf. Though their eponymous drink may have sunk without a trace here in Australia, the Foster’s Group produces local favourites, Carlton Draught and Victoria Beer. With their Abbotsford based plant meeting the demands of the southern half of Australia, it is little surprise to hear that on a daily basis they produce an impressive 200,000 litres of beer.
With the Carlton Brewhouse now open for public tours, the Foster’s Group is allowing insight into the extreme mechanic workings that keep them at the front of their field. With barely a human body in sight, their famous brands of beer are created by a super-efficient machine. Though limited viewing is allowed, with the Foster’s Group remaining highly guarded about their trade secrets, it was a shame that though clearly explained, the actual creative process was hidden behind the mask of the machine. Though the super-efficient bottling process is eye-ball dropping brilliant, it is the taste testing at the end that gets those taste buds tickled. With a choice of 10 drinks across Foster’s range, my personal recommendation is the Carlton Black. By Jeremy Williams. Enjoy one of the best Things to Do in Melbourne Victoria with a brewery tour paired with wine tasting.

Carlton & United Brewery Tour with Beer Tasting
Address: Cnr Thompson & Nelson Streets
Abbotsford, VIC
Ph:(03) 9420 6800

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