Travels and Tours Australia – Day 20: The End of the Road

Travels and Tours Australia - Day 20: The End of the Road


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I wake up early and realize that my next stop is my current home, Melbourne. I note on the map that there is little to see between my rest stop of Melbourne and also realize that I need to leave time to clean the Manson Mobile before dropping it back at the Wicked Campers depot. It is with a slight sadness that I head along the highway at a steady pace.

As I reach the Victoria border, the skies open and the change in weather marks my sentiments. I waste little time on the journey and make only one petrol stop at which I treat myself to a breakfast treat. I note that the traffic increases as I enter the familiar territory. I have luckily bypassed the morning traffic and arrive home safely. I empty my possessions and spend a good hour cleaning the Manson Mobile both inside and out, before driving north to say a sad so long.

However, first I have to find the Wicked Campers depot and it proves more of a challenge than anticipated as I spot a collection of Wicked Campers on an industrial estate. I park up and try to find someone to speak to with little luck. I am baffled as to why there is a depot without a person in charge, so call the number on my documents. It transpires I am in the wrong place, so I apologize and head a little further down the road and drop off my keys.

My days in the Manson Mobile are numbered and I realize how much I am going to miss huddling up in the back trying to sleep, or singing along badly to an array of artists as I take in the beauty that Australia has to behold.

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