What’s on in Melbourne Victoria – DJ Shadow



As part of his ‘Shadowsphere’ tour, Melbourne will be gladly welcoming world-famous DJ, DJ Shadow.


Sunday may not be the best day to experience an act such as DJ Shadow but if Sunday’s what you’ve been given then you’ll have to just work around it. Many attendees may just find themselves phoning in sick on Monday but as long as you don’t tell your boss that you’re going in the first place, you’ll be ok.


With Special Guests and local band, Midnight Juggernauts along with Sydney four-piece, Ghoul, this night has already got people fidgeting in their seats just thinking about it.


DJ Shadow is formally an American music producer who has reveled in worldwide success since the early 1990s when he first came onto the scene.


Known for his Trip Hop and ability to make whole new tracks out of samples alone, you’d be a fool to miss out on this one.



What: DJ Shadow

Where: The Palace

When: Sunday 31st July