Video Game Tourism – The Essentials You Should Understand

Video Game Tourism – The Essentials You Should Understand

Video Game Tourism – The Essentials You Should Understand: Video games are entertaining, but they take on a new lease of life when you sample them overseas. Foreign and obscure and obscure titles are novel, and it’s the novelty factor that makes them fun and exciting. Plus, you get to explore incredible countries, broadening your horizons along the way. What’s not to like?  

Travelling to worlds beyond your imagination, however, isn’t as straightforward as it might sound. The reality is, you need more than airline tickets and a can-do attitude to ensure you get the most from your adventure. There is a selection of essentials you should understand first, and you can find them below. 

Physical Travel Isn’t a Necessity

As strange as it sounds, you don’t have to spend 24-hours on a plane to drink in what the Australian or New Zealand gaming scenes have to offer. Yes, heading to Melbourne for a convention is an experience you’ll never forget. Still, the process of travelling isn’t always affordable, which is why video game tourism isn’t a popular concept with many gamers.

Thankfully, the reach of the internet means that games Down Under are accessible from the comfort of your living room. Most are free, but even if they aren’t, review sites will inform you of the latest offers and exclusive bonuses in that country. For example, is a site dedicated to online wagering in New Zealand, providing a comprehensive guide for gamblers to get more fun out of their money.

And, the right equipment will make the experience even more authentic. Using a VR headset allows you to play as if you are in New Zealand, for instance, while live casino games project real-time feeds back to your device.

Tailor Your Expectations to the Country

The video game tourism market is a wealthy one, which means lots of nations are already in on the act. At, you can see that regions from the Americas to Oceania and the Far East are buzzing with players who want to open their eyes to a new form of entertainment. Of course, this only happens if you’re open-minded.  

Part of opening up is choosing the correct destination, and you can do it by tailoring your expectations to a specific country. For instance, anime fans won’t find what they are looking for in Sacramento or Seattle. Tokyo and Seoul, on the other hand, aren’t great if you’re after ESL One and Gamescom events – Cologne is.

Don’t Forget About Internet Speeds

Video Game Tourism – The Essentials You Should Understand

Internet speeds, both fixed broadband and mobile, play significant roles in the video game tourism experience. The last thing you need is lag or buffering to stop you from having the time of your life. Yet it’s possible to be naïve, especially if the nations in question aren’t viewed as highly technological.  

You would assume that Japan and South Korea top the list of the fastest internet speeds, but this isn’t true. According to, Qatar and the UAE topped the rankings for mobile speeds at the end of 2020, while Thailand and Singapore were the winners from a fixed broadband perspective.  

Not everything is at it appears on the surface, so please don’t be afraid to do some digging before booking a trip. It could be the difference between a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and a damp squib. 

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