Villages on creative inspiration and their forthcoming album

Villages on creative inspiration and their forthcoming album

Hey guys, welcome to BBM, how are you? 

Villages on creative inspiration and their forthcoming album. Thanks for having us! We’re doing great, just keeping a low profile during a lockdown on the east coast of Canada.

Firstly, can you tell us how you all met?

Travis: Matt, Jon and I are all first cousins and we were born within 4 months of each other so I’m not exactly sure when we first met but it was quite young. Archie was a high school friend and we shared a lot of the same musical interests so that’s how it all started for us.

What inspired the name Villages?

Travis: We all grew up on Cape Breton Island which is on the east coast of Canada. It’s mostly rural, dotted with small towns and villages throughout. When we were trying to come up with a name for the project we read an essay by Kate Beaton who is a cartoonist from the island. She wrote about the small, yet mighty villages that make up the island and we felt Villages was a perfect name for our sound.

What has the evolution of your sound looked like? Has it been a lot of work, or did it spring fully-formed?

Jon: The four of us had played in an indie rock group called Mardeen for a number of years so Villages itself was a bit of a left turn for us sonically. Our first EP leaned more towards traditional in terms of the instrumentation we employed. Since then we’ve started incorporating more modern elements like synthesizers and drum machines to accompany our sound. The evolution is ongoing.

What can you tell us about the creation of your forthcoming album?

Archie: The EP is definitely a great peek into what to expect from the album. We’ve been doing quite a bit of pre production work before we head into the studio so we’ve really streamlined that part of the process. This has been a major bonus as it leaves room for that magic that only comes from the energy of being in the studio. So it’s the best of both worlds. A new approach we’ve kind of taken from being in lockdown earlier in the year is working collaboratively from our own respective locations, sending tracks back and forth, as opposed to being in the same room to flesh out new ideas. It really gave us all a freedom to try new things we may not necessarily come up with otherwise. Creatively, if I can be so bold, I think we’re all really catching our stride with this one. Everyone’s firing on all cylinders. The songs are really coming together quite naturally. We’re so stoked for y’all to dig in when it does come out!

Are there any lyrical themes or vibes you find yourself repeatedly drawn to?

Matt: The natural world is a big inspiration and common theme that carries throughout the songs. There’s so much emotional imagery to draw on, it’s a well that never runs dry.

It’s fair to say that this year has been tough on the music industry. We all miss live music.

What do you miss the most about touring?

Travis: Definitely getting to meet new people every night. We love hanging out at the merch table after a show and we always get to meet such great folks. We’re really missing not being able to travel as well, touring is always such a blast for us.

Can you tell us your favourite memory of the tour that you wrapped up earlier this year?

Jon: For me it’s always touring places that I’ve never before visited. Our last tour took us to parts of Canada that were brand new to me and it’s always interesting to visit someplace new and meet new people.

What do you lot do for fun when you’re not doing band business?

Jon: I know at least a few of us have just wrapped up The Queen’s Gambit.

Archie: I know I just got my winter tires put on so I’m pretty stoked about that.

What else are you working on at the moment? Any big plans for 2021?

Jon: We’ve got a few things on the go and will continue working on wrapping up the record. We look forward to putting new music out into the world and getting back to playing shows!

Villages on creative inspiration and their forthcoming album.

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