Visit Fremantle City of Art

Just across from the Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle is among the most popular destinations in Fremantle and the Esplanade Park is one of its most interesting features the Tourist Wheel has been in Fremantle since April 2013 and provides amazing views of Fremantle town and harbors

Visit Fremantle City of Art, Things to Do in Fremantle Today



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Visit Fremantle City of Art

The picturesque port city of Fremantle is located in Perth’s metropolitan area, at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle is the pulsing heart of Perth. The 19th-century architecture, fresh sea breeze, and activity of the busy city all contribute to it being a lovely site. Fremantle is well-known for its incredible food and nightlife culture, so don’t be shocked if you spend the majority of your time eating and drinking your way through the city. Fremantle (or Freo, as it’s affectionately known by locals) is a port city with gorgeous historic buildings and a thriving music and arts scene. For more information on Fremantle, please visit; For more things to do in Fremantle, please visit; Things to do in Fremantle Today

Fremantle street art
Fremantle street art

1. Walking and Cycling

November brings with it the pleasantly moderate temperatures and lovely scenery of late spring around Fremantle.  Beautiful walking and cycling trails meander along the sparkling waters of the coast and the river’s edge, outside Fremantle’s city centre.  Absorb the magical beauty of nature and get some fresh air as you follow these walking and cycling trails. For more information on these walking and cycling trails, please visit;


a. Fremantle Discovery Trail

This discovery trail covers some of the iconic tourist attractions.  The Fremantle Markets, the Cappucino Strip, Fremantle Prison, WA Maritime Museum, the heritage-listed West End and Esplanade Reserve are such attractions.  The trail takes around two hours to complete.

Fremantle Strip
Fremantle Strip

b. Fremantle Cemetery Heritage Walk Trail

Recapture a sample of Fremantle’s history, as you walk by the gravesites of the noble and notorious who have contributed to it.  This easy walking trail takes around one and a half hours to complete. For downloading the PDF trail, please visit;

c. Indian Ocean Explorer Cycling Trail

Witness the spectacular beauty of the coastline from Fremantle to Cottesloe on a stunning Indian Ocean ride.  This cycling trail covers the historic West End of Fremantle, the working port and across the Swan River into North Fremantle.  Ride through some of the most beautiful beaches including Port, Leighton and Cottesloe.  Have a dip or two along the way too.

2. Things to Do in Fremantle. Visit Fremantle City of Art

Be rewarded with the never-ending visual delight of walking around Fremantle’s West End.  The West End comprises the Fremantle Prison, Esplanade Park, Bathers Beach, Notre Dame University, and other historic, heritage-listed buildings.  Enjoy visiting the working cafés behind beautiful doors and with adorable balconies. For more information on the Fremantle Prison, please visit;

Things to do in Fremantle
Get into your hardhat, slip into your overalls, lock into the ladder system and descend below the Prison to explore a labyrinth of tunnels built by prisoners.

Here are some of the other attractions around Fremantle;

a. The Round House (Old Fremantle Gaol)

Step back in time and look around the oldest remaining building in Western Australia, the Round House.  It was built in 1831 and used as a gaol until 1886.  Afterwards, it became a police lock-up till the late 1890s and then used by the Water Police and Fremantle Ports.  It is now a popular tourist attraction, enjoying panoramic views. For more information on the Round House, please visit;

b. Esplanade Park

Chill off at the beautifully grassed reserve of Esplanade Park, sitting between Fishing Boat Harbour and the city.  The park provides lots of shade, picnic areas and a kids’ play area as well as the Esplanade Youth Plaza.   The Sky-view Wheel rewards you with amazing views across Fishing Boat Harbour to Rottnest and the hills of Perth. For more information on Esplanade Park, please visit;

3. Visit the J-Shed Art Studios and Galleries

Visit the studios of many working artists and admire their work in sculpture, ceramics, photography, jewellery, textiles, stone carving, painting etc.  This highly efficient art studio has a public viewing deck and gallery from where you can view down into the studio.  Watch the artists as they turn out amazing works of art!