Visit The Wild Side Of The Whitsundays


Calm, tranquil and idyllic, the Whitsunday Island are world-famous for their pristine beaches and the bustling marine life that surround them, but do you know there’s a little more to them than meets the eye?

With Ocean Rafting you can experience the “wild side” of the Whitsundays as they take you to locations that not every tour company can. With their special permits to enter the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Ocean Rafting are the only tour company who have direct access to stunning and iconic Hill Inlet beach on their Whitehaven Beach tours, which includes access to special snorkel sites at Hook Island and Border Island ensuring a memorable underwater experience.

During your time in the Whitsunday Islands you can also explore the many uninhabited islands as you step off your vessel on to the white sound, only to be almost deafened by the silence of being a million miles away from it all. Whilst exploring the islands you’ll really feel like a cast away, where you live out your desert island fantasies.

A must do activity whilst visiting the Whitsunday Islands is of course, snorkelling. With an abundance of marine life found no where else on earth, you’d be a fool not to take a dip below the surface and marvel at the kaleidoscope of coral and fish in their natural habitat.

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