4x4x4 at this year’s Fringe World

FOUR men performing four shows across four weeks – including one focusing on the impact of a coward punch – make up The Actors’ Hub offering 4x4x4 at this year’s Fringe World.
All directed by Amanda Crewes at their East Perth headquarters, the actors are performing a different show each night: Know Your Enemy, One Punch Wonder, Pool (no water) and Why? with several shows already their belt.
“I wanted to put The Actors’ Hub third-year graduates’ training to the test,” Crewes said.
“It’s an opportunity to lend their voices to the exploration of manhood in our society, as well as creating immersive theatre that excites and inspires audiences.”
Know Your Enemy is set in post-apocalyptic Perth and follows a small group of survivors who have succeeded in a dangerous and desperate attempt at survival.
Crewes said the play was an opportunity to explore the duality of humanity and looked at what people do when put under pressure.
“Do you react with fear or hope? Run towards it or run away?” she said. “It’s all a matter of your perception.”
One Punch Wonder looks at coward punches from all angles and puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope.
“I was inspired to bring to the stage a verbatim piece, in response to the ongoing prevalence of stories in the news, social media and various online articles,” Crewes said.
“It’s time for change and to bring a truth and vulnerability told from the lives of those people impacted by a culture we must all work to redefine.”
Pool (no water), written by Mark Ravenhill, shines a humorous spotlight onto the often unseen side of the creative industry that includes sabotage, blame, lies and exploitation.
“Not only is this such an important discussion for our industry at this time but also for an Australian audience all too familiar with the permeation of the tall poppy syndrome,” Crewes said.
“The lengths we go to for success is perfectly complemented by the acrobatic absurdity of the piece.”
Why? explores the lives of some well-known trailblazers of their industries including Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Muhammad Ali and Andy Kaufman.
Crewes said the show dives into the truth of what inspires another human to become the best version of themselves.
“A question we all must ask ourselves in the pursuit of a goal is ‘Why is this important to me?’” she said.
“This piece is an exploration where four young artists find their why, by honouring the men that found their purpose and lived tirelessly for it.”
While directing four shows simultaneously is a large task for anyone, Crewes said she saw it as an opportunity rather than a challenge.
“To be working on multiple projects at once is nothing short of what is demanded by our industry,” she said.
4x4x4 plays 7pm January 27 to February 25 with Know Your Enemy on January 27, February 4, 8, 17 and 24, One Punch Wonder on February 18 and 22, Pool (no water) on February 15 and 23 and Why? on February 17 and 25.
Tickets are $25 – book at fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/4x4x4-fw2018. Please note the plays feature coarse language and sexual references.
The Actors’ Hub is at 129 Kensington Street, East Perth.