7 Best Snorkelling Spots Near Perth Western Australia

7 Best Snorkelling Spots Near Perth Western Australia

There are many snorkelling spots near Perth and they are filled with natural beauty that every snorkeler should not miss. Below are some of the best snorkelling spots near Perth that you should definitely not miss.

Mettams Pool

Mettams Pool is a popular spot for snorkelers near Perth. The waves are shielded by very handy rock formations like a ring around the pool. Due to this, the water is pretty calm and a variety of marine life can live happily in the protected lovely waters.

Burns Beach

In the far deep North of Perth, is the location that is small and tranquil known as Burns beach. Burns beach comprises of a sheltered rocky reef that is north of the sands.


Every beach that is found in “Rotto” is worth snorkelling. It is surrounded by shipwrecks, reefs, and rocks and an abundance of aquatic creatures. You can view over 400 species of fish and 20 different species of coral within the Marine reserve of Rottnest Island.

Penguin Island Rockingham

Penguin Island is a favourite spot for snorkelling. Between the island and the coast is calm water that consists of fascinating wildlife. You will get to see seals, dolphins, and if lucky you will also get a chance to spot the resident sea lion and penguins.

Shoalwater Island Marine Park Rockingham

The Shoalwater Marine Park is another pace to snorkel in the south. The reefs found in the shallow waters are popular for snorkelling. You should get there before the sea breeze to catch a glimpse of the bottlenose dolphin. Australian Sea lion and the penguins.

Jurien Bay Marine Park

It only takes a couple of hours to get to Jurien Bay Marine Park. It extends from Greenhead to Nambung National Park and is a delight to the snorkeler. A shallow lagoon makes it a perfect habitat for dolphins, Australian Sea lions, and hue seagrass meadows.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton is definitely is a place a snorkeler should visit. You will get to see a lot of colourful fish and loads of different sponges and corals.

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