Backpacker Bus Tour to Exmouth This Whale Shark season

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Exmouth is a coastal town located on the Coral Coast of Western Australia.  Exmouth, together with Coral Bay and surrounds make the Ningaloo Region which is the eco-adventure capital of Western Australia and one of the UNESCO listed World Heritage sites.  Seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of swimming alongside the world’s biggest fish, the whale sharks before you set off to Monkey Mia by coach!

The Hop on Hop off Pass Integrity Coach Lines

The hop on hop off pass for a coach along the southbound coastal services is the ideal solution for stopping along the route to explore this amazing region, an opportunity never to be missed!  The pass has a 12-month expiry period and is valid for travel in either direction.  You can also transfer to shuttle buses or tours to enjoy many side trips.

About the Hop on Hop off pass

The pass is ideal for the independent traveller/s who don’t wish to be tied to a tour group.  There’s nothing like a trip where you have the freedom to stay in each place for a time determined by you and to see and do the things that you wish to see and do. If you’ve been looking for a great way to see the fantastic west coast of Australia, our Hop on Hop off pass is the ideal solution. Integrity coach lines pricing

Backpacker Coach Tour to Exmouth This Whale Shark season

The journey by coach from Exmouth is approximately 500 Kilometers, with stopover breaks at Wooramel Roadhouse, from where you have to travel by car to reach Monkey Mia (approximately 230 km).  Integrity Coach Lines (Aust) Pty Ltd. is the tour operator of this route.  The coach service is operated once a week.  There are many options for car rentals from Wooramel to Monkey Mia.

Backpacker Bus Tour to Exmouth This Whale Shark season

Must see places on the way

1. Coral Bay

Named for its astonishing under-sea coral gardens, Coral Bay is a marine paradise and its attractions are many!

  • Swimming with marine life, especially with the world’s biggest fish
  • Quad bike trekking to secret beaches for drift snorkelling
  • Overnight cruising on the bay
  • Bottom fishing or deep-sea fishing
  • Learning to dive
  • Scenic flights
  • Glass bottom boat coral gardens viewing

2. Carnarvon Visitor Centre

The Carnarvon Visitor Centre is your one-stop touring shop, situated along the Exmouth to Wooramel coach route.  You can book accommodation, tours and coach service in this region through this center.

Some of the free things to engage are;

Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour

  • The blowholes of Carnarvon
  • Drive along the fruit loop and checking out the farm stalls
  • Gascoyne Growers Market
  • Camping at Red Bluff
  • Picnicking around the Fascine
  • Walking the One Mile Jetty
  • Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Museum
  • Tramway Walk Trail
  • Heritage buildings and window shopping at High Street
  • Swim at Chinaman’s or Rocky Pool

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