Backpacker Day Trip to Toodyay in Western Australia

Backpacker Day Trip to Toodyay in Western Australia

Best Backpacker Day Trip to Toodyay in Western Australia

Toodyay Western Australia

Toodyay is located about 85 km from Perth. It is nestled between the banks of the Avon River and scenic hills. The uniqueness of this town is its veranda clad shops and pub while being a perfect example for 19th-century architecture.

When you take a backpacker day trip to Toodyay you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and there are also many country roads to travel on. You will find lavender fields, olive groves, and local artisans’ old and new vineyards producing unique blends.

How to Get There

Toodyay is located in Avon Valley. You can catch a leisurely drive or Avon Link to get there. Toodyay is an ideal backpacker day trip for the weekend or for a mid-week retreat.

Many Places to Experience

There are an immaculate number of heritage buildings, walking trails that will take you back to nature, and an array of dining locations and accommodations to experience in Toodyay. The intriguing history of this town meets technology with the installation of QR codes on building to point you to the location of your interest.

Great Place to Visit

It is a favorite location for day trippers from Perth, and over the years it has developed many fans for its picturesque nature and fascinating history.

Newcastle Gaol Museum

This is also referred to as the Old Newcastle Gaol Museum. It is a stone building that was constructed way back in 1862.

Coorinja Vineyard

This was established in 1870 and is Australia’s oldest winery. It is located 6 kilometers away from Toodyay. Coorinja is a native name with the meaning of ‘Place of the Seven Springs’. It consists of numerous artifacts that are related to the wine industry.

The Space Place Observatory

The Space Place Observatory is located at the scenic town of Julimar in Toodyay. You can observe the clear night sky and gaze at the wonder that lies in space. The observatory does not have a dome and is placed outside under the night sky.

Toodyay Holiday Park and Chalets

Toodyay Holiday Park and Chalets is a peaceful holiday location with plenty of wildlife in a bush setting. It is located in the hills of Toodyay bushland.

Hoody well Archery Park

This is Australia’s full-sized and first Public Archery Park that is located in the Natural bushland.

Connor’s Mill

Connor’s Mill was constructed in 1870 by George Henry Hansell. It is located on Stirling Terrance and is a steam-driven flour mill. It was also used to generate electricity in the early 17th century.

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