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Backpacker Whale Shark Tours Exmouth March to August

Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Sharks

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Whale Shark Tours Exmouth March to August Every Year

Red Earth Safaris Tours Perth to Exmouth by Bus

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The chance of swimming with a whale shark during your first tour is about 95% success rate from the end of March to the end of august every year. Beginning until mid-May is usually the quietest time of the high season, the weather cools down, so there is more time during daylight to see and do and experience what the Exmouth Whale Shark tour has to offer.

Weather in Exmouth March  April and May during start of the Whale Whale Shark season

Weather in Exmouth June July and August in the middle and end of the Whale Shark season

Diving with Whale Sharks in Exmouth




Fantastic coral formations, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales, dugong, turtles, reef sharks, moray eels, nudibranchs, and anemones are just some of the fascinating marine life inhabiting the waters of the Ningaloo Marine Park. Add to this the 250 species of coral and over 500 species of fish and you have a diver’s paradise!

Exmouth Whale Shark Tour March & April

Ningaloo Visitor center Whale Sharks

March and April are hotter, like a tropical beach holiday without the humidity. Two very special events during these times are the coral spawning that swims out on the Ningaloo reef and baby turtles that come out of their nest on the beaches along the Cape and make a crazy run for the relative safety of the waters of the inner Ningaloo Reef.

Exmouth Whale Shark Tour May & June

Whale Watching Tours

At the end of May and June, two and three of the three big whales join the whale sharks of the Ningaloo Reef. And the first of the humpbacks begin to pass by on their way to their calving grounds off the Kimberley. A whale shark tour between late May and August is often about whale shark and manta ray swimming, watching the stunning surface displays of the humpbacks and then surrounded by whale songs while you also snorkel the Ningaloo Reef!
That said, many inhabitants of the city, apart from the fact that they are busy, see that July is the best month to live and tour on the Ningaloo, with beautiful weather, great sea life and the Big Three Whales that are commonly observed during whale shark tours.

Exmouth Whale Shark Tour August, September to October

August weather usually stays nice. Until the whale sharks leave, it is often possible to swim with humpback whales, whale sharks, and manta rays during your visit to Exmouth. September and October offer warmer weather, perfect for escaping winter in the south. Humpback whale swimming and viewing tours continue.

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