Best Australian Native Restaurants in Perth

Best Australian Native Restaurants in Perth

In recent times many non-indigenous Australians have developed an interest in food unique to their environment. And a growing interest is seen among chefs seeking to develop their culinary skills using native Australian ingredients. Best Australian Native Restaurants in Perth are well worth a visit.

Kangaroo for dinner

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Native Australian Ingredients

Game meat such as kangaroo can be a promising local native Australian ingredient. Kangaroo meat can be wonderfully easy and healthy barbecue meat. It is served best being cooked medium rare, or rare because it has almost no fat in it.  Popular cooking methods are roasting, char-grilling, stir-frying, pan-frying, etc. Today, many Perth restaurants serve kangaroo meat in awesome preparations.  

Friends Restaurant

The Friends Restaurant at Perth takes you on an amazing journey of sight, sound and taste. The sophisticated friendly restaurant strives to showcase the best exotic food that the region has to offer in terms of flavours and textures. The Australian cuisine comprising scallops, kangaroo, etc. is a blend of the best culinary techniques and choice of native produce.

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C Restaurant in the Sky

C Restaurant in the Sky is the only revolving restaurant in Western Australia, providing stunning 360o views to its diners. It is situated on the 33rd floor of St. Martins Tower at Perth. Creating a unique culinary experience of blending both Australian and international cooking, this restaurant provides a truly unique dining experience.  

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Adelphi Grill Native  Australian Restaurants in Perth

Let the aroma of tasty native and modern Australian food being cooked in the open kitchen of Adelphi Grill fill you. This restaurant is in a contemporary setting. Its menu comprises of a variety of sizzling steaks, fish, burgers, and salads.  Kangaroo steak, peri peri burger, 600g beef prime rib, fillet steak, and catch of the day fish preparations are its specialties. 

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Outback Jack’s Bar and Grill

Winner of Entertainment’s Gold Award for Casual Dining, Outback Jack’s is reputed for its char-grilled steaks and ribs. They present the largest choice of steak on any menu in Australia, including kangaroo, emu, buffalo, wild boar, and crocodile steaks. The Outback Jack is also the industry leader in serving Australian game meat.

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Sen5es Restaurant

Enjoy mouth-watering barramundi, kangaroo fillet, steaks and lamb, Fremantle octopus, sticky toffee pudding, apple crumble, and crepes at the Sen5es restaurant. The relaxing restaurant boasts a delicious culinary menu using fresh ingredients. Their menus showcase the best local and national produce, while the wine list emphasises regional quality and styles.

Nobu Perth

Nobu Perth serves a traditional Japanese cuisine fused with South American flavours to create a unique Japanese dining experience. Its menu includes revered signature dishes including Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, Tiraditio Nobu-style, kangaroo steaks, Wagyo tacos, and Black Cod Miso. Best Australian Native Restaurants try the Kangaroo steak cooked to perfection.

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Firewater Grille

Bask in an interactive dining experience with a unique ambiance at Firewater Grille.  Firstly, taste the awesome game plate of Margaret venison, Kangaroo loin, and emu fillet. Secondly, enjoy the taste of slow-roasted pork belly, braised harissa lamb shank, gremolata, Moroccan saffron chicken. The third dish is special try Tasmanian salmon and cauliflower couscous are some of the other specialties.

Amano Restaurant

This is a waterfront restaurant that offers guests stunning views along with an awesome cuisine.  Its menu uses the finest meats and seafood as well as native Australian ingredients.  Try the kangaroo loin served with roasted broccoli, potato dauphinoise, cherry tomatoes, and roasted nuts. Finally, enjoy a glass of wine to go with your choice of delicious morsels.    

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