Best Day Trips from Perth

Day Trips from Perth Western Australia

Best Day Trips from Perth, Rottnest Island, The pinnacles, Lake Clifton, Perth Hills

Surrounding the city of Perth are amazing destinations which make amazing day trips. It’s a hard decision for tourists to decide where they want to go first since there are many places you can visit.

Rottnest Island

Though this is a 90 minute ferry ride long from Perth, it’s a popular place for tourists and backpackers who enjoy their one day trips here. The island has tiny wallabies known as quokkas and you can enjoy your time on this island playing with them. Daily guided quokka seeing tours are also present if you want to go on one to see these tine creatures.

The Pinnacles

The pinnacles are a part of the Nambung National Park and it’s a quite bizarre desert landscape which has to be seen to be believed. You can visit the Pinnacles within a few hours’ drive form Perth and wildflowers will be in bloom as well during the August to October months.

Lake Clifton

Lake Clifton provides home to some of the oldest living organisms of the world, thrombolites. They tend to resemble the earliest life forms on the earth. They look like smooth rocks, but they are actually alive. You can walk on the boardwalk above them to have a closer look.

Perth Hills

The hills behind the city of Perth warrants a day trip to observe the beautiful natural area here. These hills consists of some walking tracks, national parks and viewpoints. The hills cover a large area and you should probably target a specific area to enjoy on the day trip.

Swan Valley

The Swan Valley wine region is now quite famous and tourist flock to enjoy some of the boutique food like chocolates, cheese and wine which are available in this region. The ability to have cellar door tastings is another reason for this level of interest as well.