Best Native Australian Restaurants in Fremantle

Best Native Australian Restaurants in Fremantle

The Best Native Australian Restaurants in Fremantle. The early settlers in Australia quickly learned the value of native Australian food from the indigenous population.  However certain ingredients such as kangaroo meat haven’t always been acceptable in modern Australia.

Below are some restaurants in Fremantle which specialize in cooking Native Australian food.

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Kangaroo meat is popular

In more recent times have seen chefs and diners taking a significant interest in native Australian ingredients such as kangaroo meat to satisfy their culinary skills as well as their taste buds.

The significance of Kangaroo Meat in the Fremantle Restaurant Scene

Kangaroo meat is unique to Australia.  It is lean, inexpensive, and easy to cook.  Restaurants prepare an excellent stuffing for pies, steaks, dumplings, etc. from kangaroo meat. This can be stewed, baked, fried, or grilled to produce an awesome native Australian food preparation.  Here are some of the restaurants that serve kangaroo meat in Fremantle.

Best Native Australian Restaurants in Fremantle. Char Char Restaurant

Enjoy your juicy steak cooked to perfection at Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour, while admiring great views.  Head to the cocktail lounge for a pre-dinner drink and then tuck into a selection of freshly caught seafood.  As an alternate choice, indulge in the off-the-grill specials comprising of kangaroo steak.  And do drop-in for lunch and dinner or bar snacks and drinks in the new bar area.

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Gypsy Tapas House

A favorite for people all over Perth, Firstly, Gypsy Tapas is a relaxed atmosphere where quality food is served amidst live music.  The Gypsy Tapas House was established in 2006 and the next door Gypsy Karavan was opened in 2010.  Secondly, the venue serves Moroccan dishes along with great kangaroo steak. In conclusion, the Best Native Australian Restaurants in Fremantle.

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Bib & Tucker

Nestled among North Fremantle’s pristine sand dunes, firstly, the restaurant is blessed with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.  Secondly, Bib & Tucker offers its guests a menu that celebrates native Australian ingredients.  Thirdly, it also uses the best seasonal produce of Perth-based suppliers.  Among many mouth-watering dishes that use native Australian ingredients, the kangaroo and bush plum steak is delicious.

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Elija’s Kitchen

In this review, we celebrate indigenous culture through food is the objective of Elija’s Kitchen. Most importantly, This pop-up restaurant is committed to taking the taste of Indigenous Australia and delivering it to modern Australians.  It serves indigenous dishes with a modern spin.  Crocodile laksa, sweet mango chili stingray salad, and kangaroo tail are some of its specialties.  The pop-up restaurant will be on in Fremantle during January 27 – 28.

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