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Perth to Exmouth Explorer 7 Day (Standard Double/Twin Room)

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea. Being a gentle giant, it poses absolutely no harm to humans. Hence, it will be the only shark type that will tolerate close encounters like swimming aside from them. The feeling when you, a tiny creature swimming close with a Goliath-like whale shark will be exhilarating.  It will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Best Perth To Exmouth Whale Shark Tours.

As the biggest fish in the ocean, whale sharks are attracted to places where there is an abundance of food and they prefer waters with a temperate climate. As Exmouth is an ideal region satisfying all these requirements, about 4000 whale sharks congregate in the area surrounding Exmouth, spanning the Ningaloo Reef from March to August. As whale sharks are a popular attraction in Exmouth, there are 8 dive operators which offer whale shark tours.

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What to expect in a whale shark tour

You will go to the spots where whale sharks are in a spacious boat outfitted with modern equipment. In finding whale sharks in the vast ocean, a spotter plane will be used to find the places where whale sharks are swimming quickly and communicate it with the boat. Hence, the time wastage in wondering about to find the best positions will be minimized.

Whale Shark Tour Exmouth? Ningaloo’s Whale Sharks 2022
The whale shark is the world’s largest live shark as well as the world’s largest living fish. The record-breaking individual was 20 meters in length and weighed 42 tons! Researchers and divers alike are drawn to this fascinating gentle giant.
Whale sharks are filter feeders, filtering sea water for prey such as small fish and crustaceans with their wide gaping mouth. Whale sharks, surprisingly, have rows of small teeth within their mouth, the function of which is unknown to experts! Despite the fact that they are a well-studied species, little is known about their reproductive biology.

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Best Perth To Exmouth Whale Shark Tours. Precautions that you must take

It is strictly forbidden to touch any animal how calm and docile it may seem. You must keep a distance of at least 3 m from the whale shark at all times, and at least a distance of 4 m from its tail. It is to the safety of the animal as well as the swimmer. In swimming with a whale shark, you will get the chance to see other animals like humpback whales, dolphins, reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, dugongs, turtles, and various fish. Hence, there will be a real possibility of them approaching you. As all these animals are wild creatures, you must be alert to your surroundings all the time. 

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