Best Places to Dive Near Perth and Surrounds

Best Places To Dive Near Perth and surrounds

Marmion Marine Park, 25 Minutes Drive From Perth

Marmion Marine Park is located between Trigg Island and Burns Beach and is easily accessible from Image Dives launch at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Spanning an approximate 20 kilometers, the marine park consists of forming ledges, caves and swim throughs, with excellent diving spots.  

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, 50 Minutes Drive From Perth

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park offers a delightful combination of reefs exploding with marine life, pristine beaches, submerged shipwrecks, excellent snorkeling trails with inhabitants as dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. If you’re a recreational scuba diver, you will be thrilled to discover the wonders that await below, as well as above, the surface. 

West Coast Dive Park, 45 Minutes Drive South of Perth.

The West Coast dive park is located off the coast of Rockingham. The specific location of the Saxon Ranger is within Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, an area renowned for its safe calm waters, pristine beaches, an abundance of aquatic activities including spectacular snorkeling trails.

Diving Depth

The reefs are filled with caverns and swim-throughs, creating enjoyable discoveries and challenges for divers.  Over a dozen shipwrecks are also available for exploration. Maximum diving depth in most of the Dive Park is around 25 meters.

Point Peron, 45 Minutes From Perth

Point Peron is one of WA classical dive, situated south of Rockingham. This limestone reef offers caves, seaweed, and lobsters.

Dive Area

The dive area around Point Peron is massive and giving specific details here is a little pointless because it all depends on where you dive. But simply put Point Peron has something for everyone, from snorkeling in the shallow areas to some decent depth at the outer reefs

However, as there is some depth around this site and some holes, caves and swim through you can get into a nice dive is still achievable when the conditions are not perfect.