Best Places to Snorkel Near Perth

Best Places to Snorkel Near Perth

With tropical and temperate climates and numerous shipwrecks and fringing reefs, snorkeling and diving in the coast of Western Australia is simply world class.

Rottnest Island, an Underwater Playground

The surrounding marine environment in Rottnest Island offers stunning destinations for snorkeling. Popular snorkeling spots in Rottnest include Parker Point, The Basin, Little Salmon Bay, Parakeet Bay, and Little Armstrong Bay. Explore the natural sculptures with hundreds of fish without the crowd and the hassle of the beach.  

Mettams Pool, a Tiny Beach With a Lot to Offer

Mettams pool is a hidden away beach in the North of Perth. It is one of the tiniest beaches around and that waters are very shallow and a great place for kid’s to snorkel.  Mettams pool has the perfect conditions for snorkeling with clear calm water.

Penguin Island, Snorkelling for Beginners

Penguin Island is located just 50 km south of Perth. It is the home of over 1200 fairy penguins and offers stunning coastal and marine scenery for locals and visitors. The shallow water off the coast makes it suitable for snorkeling for beginners. The depth at this site is 0.3 m on average and maximum depth goes up to 0.5 m.   

Marmion Marine Park, a Diver’s Delight

Marmion Marine Park consists of clear shallow lagoons, small islands, and reefs that make it a diver’s paradise. It is an ideal place to dive throughout the year that depends on the weather. Mettams pool provides safe snorkeling near the shore.

Burns Beach, a Stunning Beach Filled With Beauty

Burns beach is a gorgeous site with its rugged rocks and pristine white sands. But you may be surprised to know that it’s most incredible sights lie underwater. Burns beach has gorgeous reefs and snorkeling is a must here. You will get to see a variety of marine life and if you are lucky you may encounter a Dhufish which can grow to up to 10 kilos.