Best Student Backpacker Bar Fremantle

Best backpacker Bars Perth

Best Student Backpacker Bar Fremantle

Fremantle is a beautiful city where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean. With a great selection of pubs, clubs, dancing venues, restaurants, bars, late-night markets, cinemas, coffee shops and more there’s plenty to enjoy and experience. You can visit student backpacker bars to meet fellow students and backpackers to enjoy the evening.

Mustang Bar Backpacker and Student Bar

Most Student and backpacker-friendly prices in Perth

Perths favorite Student Pub

Burget deals for $5

Cash Prizes

Wild Wednesday with ATOMIC!

A staple of the Perth & Northbridge Backpacker’s weekly diet, famous for it’s value for your buck and consideration for the fiscally challenged… We proudly present The Stang’s weekly Backpacker & Student $5 fest!

For a mere $5 you can get:
* Beef Burger & drink
* Entry for $100 cash door prize
* Free entry to the Pool Comp at 8pm – 1st prize is $100 2nd prize is a $50 voucher.
* LIVE Band ATOMIC on stage from 9.30pm with DJ Zac Farrow

And you don’t really even have to be a Student or Backpacker!

With limited spaces, the pool comp fills up pretty quick every week so get in early to secure your place.